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seeking J Patterson 04 Sep 2001
Looking to contact Jason Patterson. Served 1988-1990, does anyone know his contact details?
Leonardo David Gomez Send Email
Pres West Letter 27 Aug 2001
August 27, 2001

Dear Fellow Australia Brisbane Missionaries from 1986 to 1989 with President Robert G. West:


This is to invite you to the 1986-89 ABM REUNION ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2001 AT 7:00 TO 10 P.M. at our home, at Terrace Falls Condo, 171 - 3rd Avenue #103, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103.

Mainly socializing with light refreshments, and, importantly, sharing updates on your current activities and the ABM. We will get an update on the Brisbane Australia Temple by Alan Baker, son of my counselor, Grahame Baker. Alan is, currently, on the Brisbane Temple Committee.

COME AND USE THE TWO EXTRA DAYS BEFORE OCTOBER CONFERENCE to visit the many sites that people will be coming to see from all over the world in February for the 2002 Winter Olympics. We are one of 25 couples who have been called to a Church Hosting Committee for the Olympics. These are some of the places we will be showing special guest of the Church and you may want to take time to see some of these while you are here in October for the reunion and General Conference:

Museum of Church History and Art, Family History Library, the 35 Acres At Temple Square including the Beehive House, the Lion House, The Conference Center, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with the Family Search Center, the Administration Building, the Church Office Building, The Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall and the newly remodeled south and north Visitors Centers.

The Humanitarian Center with 153 square feet of warehouse of supplies that are shipped to people in need in all four corners of the world (17th South and 21st West), and the newly completed and rededicated Welfare Square (8th South and 8th West).

This Is The Place Memorial Park, Brigham Young Memorial Park and Brigham Young Grave Site, and the outstanding movies: “The Testament” and “Legacy.” The BYU Museum of Art and many newly redone sites on the BYU Campus.

Some other new attractions around SLC are: Ride the new TRAX from the Delta Center to 106th South, visit Park City and all the Wasatch Front locations for the 2002 Winter Olympics, Thanksgiving Point Gardens and Dinosaur Museum - fabulous, etc., etc., etc.

You can see prophesy being fulfilled as people from all the earth are flowing to the “tops of the mountains” if only for a few weeks. This will do wonders to open doors to the missionaries throughout the world.

PLEASE send your RSVP for your attendance via FAST email:; or SLOW post office mail: R.G. West, 171 - 3rd Avenue #103, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103; or CALL the Wests at: 801-521-3740 or Cell 801-541-8152.

Check out the ABM Website at: for any additional information and the list of fellow missionaries. If you know of others, especially from Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, etc., who are not on the website list, please send us their information so we can make contact with them.

Whether you are able to attend or not, we would love to hear from you, with an update on yourself and your family by email or post office mail: Include your name, dates of service in the ABM, email address, home address and telephone numbers. Spouse name and marriage date, children’s ages. Your’s and Spouse occupation, church callings (past and present) and any other info you would like to share.

You may be aware, that we returned from another mission in Tokyo, Japan in July, 2000. We
served in the Asia North Area Office from June 1998 to June 2000, Bob as Executive Secretary to the Area Presidency and Carol, as secretary to the Area President.

We love you and look forward to seeing you, or hearing from you, and to provide an opportunity for many of you to get together again.

President and Sister West
ABM 1986-89
Brent R. Barlow Send Email
Reunions? 25 Aug 2001
Does the ABM have any reunions for the time period 1974-1976? Been out of the loop so long, it would be hard for anyone to contact me the past 28 years. There seems to be a longing for some type of reunion for us old pioneers of the ABM!
Also, I am trying to find our about a family from the Old Farm area of Brisbane, specifically Teneriffe I believe! Their names are the Menagers- Raymond, Corine, Alan, and Laurence. They went to the old Gaythorne 3rd ward. Wes Innes and I baptized them. Just trying to find there whereabouts.
Mark E. Grant Send Email
Sis 'T' 23 Aug 2001
Hi everybody who served at the greatest mission of all. I am doi'n well over here in N.Z.
I love my life and enjoyed every steps of it.
The church is true and it's amazing how it blesses our lives if we endure to the end.
It will be nice to hear from my ole comps or my mish' mates.
God bless Queensland.
Cheers Sis Tuimaseve(Edwards)
Leilani Slayi Edwards Send Email
Sis 'T' 23 Aug 2001
Hi everybody who served at the greatest mission of all. I am doi'n well over here in N.Z.
I love my life and enjoyed every steps of it.
The church is true and it's amazing how it blesses our lives if we endure to the end.
It will be nice to hear from my ole comps or my mish' mates.
God bless Queensland.
Cheers Sis Tuimaseve(Edwards)
Leilani Slayi Edwards Send Email
upcoming reunion 13 Aug 2001
Does anyonehave any info on the upcoming reunion in Salt Lake at conference time? Dates? times? place? I haven't been before and am planning to attend.

Please email me
Chellayne Marie Reniker Send Email
Wynnum/Inala 05 Jul 2001
I served here in 1971-72 and was wondering how things have progressed. I served in Wynnum when the chapel was being built and baptised the first convert in the font...her name was Estelle Pocock as I recall. Also, I am informed that one of my companions, Philip Waihi from NZ is living in the Brisbane area. Any input would be appreciated.
Gaylen Reed Hansen Send Email
Phone Call Help 26 Jun 2001
I must be getting stooopid in my old age. I am trying to call someone on the sunshine coast ( buderim) and I cant remember how to call.
is it .. 011 + 61 +54 (City Code) then the # ??? Help please...

Scott K Johnson Send Email
Muliau/Fasimalo/Barber 25 Jun 2001
I am trying to find out about Sister Muliau or Sister Fasimalo. If anyone has any info, please email me!
Also Sister Lori Barber too!
Stephanie Little Send Email
Kingaroy or Cleveland 10 Jun 2001
Hiya again... Anyone keep in touch with anyone from Kingaroy or Cleveland? If you do, drop me a line and we can compare notes.

Scott K Johnson Send Email
Reunion 31 May 2001
Hello to anyone who cares to remember the most incredible elder who walked upon the face of the ABM.....
OK, that may not be me but I'll be coming to the states with my wife in December this year so if you want to catch up...let me know where you are so my mife and I with our 10 kids can come and crash at your place for a month ...just kidding !! it'll just be the 2 of us ...and we won't be doing any crashing.....
Corey Hannan Send Email
Lost Contact 25 May 2001
Thanks for the help so far. I have been contacted about two of the families I have been hoping to get information about! (Elder Thielan and the Gills.) Hoping there are more of you with information out there. Please see my original message, below.
There are several members from various areas of the ABM I would love to here about from any of you who might have had contact with them in recent years. Here is a list of names and last known areas (LKA):

[] Peter and Sue Gill. LKA: Cleavland
[] Matt and Denise Barkey LKA: Mackay
[] Wilhelmina Spath: LKA: Mt. Isa
[] Ian Gunder: LKA: Mt. Isa

I would also love to hear from some of the missionaries from 85-87, particularly the following:
[] Elder Theilan
[] Elder Webb
[] Elder Airth
[] Elder Pullan
[] Elder Chapman

Scott Cluff
Scott A. Cluff Send Email
anyone from 83-85 10 May 2001
Glen W Patterson Send Email
Looking for Holland and Bates 02 May 2001
Howdy, Anyone have any information on Jeff Holland? He was from Arkansas but when he went home, he went to Arizona. I cant seem to locate him. He served under west and harvey. Also has anyone ever heard from Bobby Bates? I think he was from Arkansas or Alabama.

Scott Johnson
Scott K Johnson Send Email
looking for graham sheriff 27 Jan 2001
Graham im so sorry i accicdently deleted your email before i had a chance to write down your adress...and got your phone message but didnt write down the number and all messages were erased...pretty bad of me i me with your email adress...oh and put your profile in here cause karen wants to contact you ya..bridget
Bridget Louise Harris Send Email
looking for anyone from the Townsville celestial z 23 Jan 2001
Anyone who belonged to the Townsville celestial zone ( as we called ourselves ) please get in contact with either Karen Peterson or myself...We are dying to hear from you guys..Our lovely old zone leader Monte Louder and Matthew Barker, Brian roundy, Richard Weeks,Will ricks and our lovely couple lynn and beth kitchen....if anyone knows anyone here please email us to let us know...Thanks heaps......
Bridget Louise Harris Send Email
elder Peterson (bryce) 15 Jan 2001
I'm looking to find bryce peterson, 94-96, i thought he might have married an Aussie from Marsden........trying to find him. any leads would be appreciated. Hi to all who knew me. drop me a line.
Frederick Hoffman Send Email
looking for Elder McCormick 05 Jan 2001
hey, has any body had contact with Elder Adam McCormick....he started in Dec 88 (but went home early)...He served for a time with Elder Steven Cook (ex AP) at Gladstone.......if you can help me please send word...ive been trying to find him for over 10 years now......
Steven Brian Robson Send Email
whatever 04 Jan 2001
hey, any body from the ABM 89-91 that remembers me get in touch...i havnt heard from any one in years....
Steven Brian Robson Send Email

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