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Looking for old companion 10 Jul 2018
I'm looking for contact information for an old companion. His name is Wade Johnson. I have people in Australia who would like to talk with him. Anyone have any information for him?
Greg Hope Send Email
Burnie Tasmania 50th Anniversary 16 Jan 2014
I am currently looking for pictures or memories from anyone who has served in the Burnie area in North West Tasmania, Australia. We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Burnie Chapel on the weekend of the 1-2 February this year and I am trying to put a timeline together of who has past through here over the last 50 years.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Robyn Hatchard
Robyn Hatchard Send Email
Queries 26 Nov 2012

I am wanting to reconnect to Shawn and Zeta Hemingway.
I am now 53, and still a bachelor.

Will you please let me know as to what you are currently up to, please?
Always curious.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Sister Stamper 26 Jan 2012
Whilst attending my last few Meetings in Christchurch, NZ, I asked the former Sister Paea about the Sister. Whom I am seeking.

Even she does not know where Sister Stamper is. So, I am wondering as to where she now is.

Love to catch up !
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Looking for Len & Pam Hunter 12 Oct 2011
If any one knows the whereabouts of Len and Pam Hunter I would love to get in touch with them, Last I knew I think they were in caulfield.
Keith Roger Woodruff Send Email
Elder Hoover 15 Aug 2010
Looking for Elder Hoover, my very first companion. We served together in the Frankston Branch. I have never forgotton the patience and love that he showed me in making life so much easier for a brand new greenie that had just arrived in Melbourne two weeks before Christmas of Dec 1961. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Australian Saints, and especially remember the love they gave to us while we were away from our families.
Thank you many, many times!

Hershel L. Culpepper
"A McConkie boy"

Would love to hear from anyone who served under President McConkie.
Hershel Laroy Culpepper Send Email
Looking for? 29 Jun 2010
Hello everyone,

I am looking for a sister Goronflow. Im not sure how to spell her name. Im not sure exactly when she served, but it might be between 99-2001. She was a senior sister who taught my good friend Tariu Tairea and he is getting and wants to get in touch with her to send her an invite. Please message me or email me at

Reihana R Kingi Send Email
Sister Stamper 17 Jan 2010
Quite an attractive-looking Sister.
Served 1986 -1988.

Have tried asking Sister Higgins luck.

Does Sister Paea know where she is at the current moment ???
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Paul Stelter 06 Nov 2009
looking for Paul Stelter who baptised me in 1973.
Terry Anderson Send Email
old companions 31 Jul 2009
does anyone know where anyone lives--those who served in Melbourne south mission, 1972-1974--some elders/sisters called me Elder "Goody"---thanks for the help--480-209-3462
Gail G Goodman Send Email
Elder G. Robinson 12 Jul 2009
Hello all, I am trying to find out where Elder Greg Robinson has ended up. He was one of my companions and I haven`t been able to contact him since about 2001 or so. I served from 1988 - 1990. He was serving in the US Military last I know and I would really like to know that he is alive and well. Thanks for any assistance.
Rick Glen Streibel Send Email
Licia Johnston 20 Sep 2008
She lived at BoxHill in 1986. Elder Parkin and I were the Missionaries who taught them the Discussions. Her Husband, Joe, had not been to Church for some time. Before we came, and brought them the Light of the Gospel.

Moved to Kyneton about 1988/89.

Are you still in the Gospel ? Please let me know.

Elder Alasdair Wayne Wright
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Bates 17 Aug 2008
If anyone has any information as far as the where abouts of Elder Shawn Bates from North Carolina and how to get a hold of him I'd appreciate it.
Rick L Howard Send Email
Help Finding People 25 May 2008
Hey I don't know if anyone actually responds to these things but I am looking for a few people. The first is an Elder that server in the Melbourne mission in 2003 by the name of Elder Morrow from Adelaide. Another is Andrew Duganzich who was baptized in August of 2003. He was in the blackburn ward at that point in time but I don't know if he is still there. There was also a boy by the name of Ben Sherlock that was baptized in 2002 and lastely Bridget who was friends with Albert Weir and I heard moved down to frankston. Any help with finding these people would be great. Thanks.
Richard Michael Hogsett Send Email
Coming to Melbourne 05 Feb 2008
I was in Melbourne '80-82. I now work for the church's Temple Department and will be in Melbourne on Mar 22, 2008. If anyone knew me on my mission I would love to see you. I can be reached at
Steven L Thueson Send Email
Latest news 15 Jan 2008
I am the Elders Quorum Secretary of the Riccarton Ward, NZ Christchurch Stake. My President said that he was praying for a suitable man to fill the position of Secretary, and he kept on coming back to my name.

So, I am anxiously engaged in a good cause. He wants 100% Home Teaching. A noteworthy and admirable goal ~!
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Photos Lost 05 Jan 2008
We lost most of our possessions in a fire. It was an interesting experience. (No, really!)

The only thing that I regret losing were photographs. Among other things, it appears that we lost ALL of the photos from my mission and my wife's mission.

I'd like to exchange if possible for copies (in some form or another) of people from the '85-'87 mission. I'm still trying to reconstruct a list of priority people (from memory at the moment). If my name rings a bell, and you're willing, would you mind sending me a message? (Even if it's a "hello". *grin*)

Anyhow, I apologize that this is scanty information at the moment. I'll try to be more specific in the future.
James Knowles Send Email
email addresses 09 Dec 2007
Hi Elder and Sister Smith are wanting all the missionaries that served under Pres Coward to update there email addresse's. I think there is something they need to send. email your info to

they have a long list of people that have not kept intouch.

Malinda Rae Morrison Send Email
Hippolite 16 Oct 2007
She was in the Chapel on 1 October 2006. Had married a Convert. Still as brilliant as ever !
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
scripture covers 10 Oct 2007
My husband served in the Australian Melbourne Mission back in the late 70's. As most missionaries from that mission he came home with kangaroo skin scripture covers. He refuses to get new scriptures because they won't fit into his old scripture covers. I am looking for new covers that will fit the "new" size scriptures. Can any one help direct me where I can maybe find these covers? Thanks so much for your help.

Holly Young
Holly Young Send Email
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