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3 Ray Street Invermay The Nermut's 02 Sep 2007

I am actually looking for any missionary who served in Launceston and lived (or taught) at


In Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

The house was owned by Jindrich (called Henry or Harry) and Anna Nermut. And the missionaries used to live in the upstairs flat above the main house.

Henry and Anna were my Grandparents and I know they traveled to Salt Lake (etc) to attend the weddings of some missionaries etc. and I am INCREDIBLY keen to find and speak to ANYONE who knew them (or of them) and their contact with the church.

I am now a member and am keen to hear their story - good news or bad both is welcome! I served a mission, so I understand that not everyone accepts the message - but I am still keen to hear their story.

Thank you

PLEASE feel free to contact me ANYTIME


Mobile (Cell) Phone: 0011 61 410172607)

I look forward to hearing from you

Melissa Nermut
Melissa Nermut Send Email
Elder Ron Jarvis 27 Jul 2007
Where is this rotter ? I want to find him ! And why ?

Because he dared to be a horrible little man, whom trained Elder Pauga in the Caulfield Ward, in 1986.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
hunting misionaries 05 Jul 2007
Hi I was baptised July 5th 1987 by Elder Norman Jeffrey Baker and Elder Rod Jones in Melbourne, Greensborough
Ward. I would like to track them down if anyone knows them???Thanks. Janet Tucci (Nicholas)
Janet Tucci (Nicholas) Send Email
Finding friends 27 Feb 2007
Boyd and I find ourselves soon to be embarking on the trip our lifetime to Mexico and the USA and would dearly love to catch up with the following: Jason Macdonald (AMM circa 1989-90), Elder Harman (AMM circa 2003-04) and Elder Tapia (AMM circa 2003--04). If anyone has any details on these or others who would be able to point us in the right direction please email on
Thanking yuo in anticipation
Sally Clark Send Email
Looking for old friends 16 Jan 2007
Anyone know the address and whereabouts of Elder Richard Cook. Elder Thomas era. 1983 to 1985.
Allen Joseph Kissner Send Email
Elder Richter! Where are you? 04 Jan 2007
Looking for contact details of my brudda Elder Douglas Richter. Anyone have any idea where he is or how to contact him? Any help would be much appreciated!!!
Danny Alfredo Avila Send Email
Need a number 05 Dec 2006
Anyone have Will Blacks cell number saw him at Walmart but couldn't stop want to catch up
Malinda Rae Morrison Send Email
Clements Family/Moorabbin Ward 27 Nov 2006
Unfortunately Thelma Clements passed away suddenly but peacefully at age 72 on 27 November.
Fay and Mum (Mavis) are bearing up well.

Moorabbin Ward will miss her deeply. You may contact me at for further details.
Jennie Healy Send Email
Elder Nixon 24 Nov 2006
I am trying to track down a former Companion. Whom is Elder Nixon: lived at Napier, then later on, moved down to Nelson. Where I was privileged to have Christmas and New Year at, in 1993.

If you are online, or someone happens to know where he is, please let me know. So I can get in contact with him yet again.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
christmas packages 24 Nov 2006
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good online service to purchase gifts locally ( in Australia) then have them sent to the missionary serving or to the Mission Home? I have been looking on online at Target AU. Has any one used this kind of service successfully????
Many Thanks Missionary MomX2
yvonne Send Email
Site 20 Nov 2006
I was wondering if this site was still working and if people were still using it often?
Katie Pagett Send Email
Elder Cain 02 Nov 2006
I am trying to find Elder Cain's contact info in seattle. We will be in Seattle this coming Thanksgiving and I want to make sure I get to see him. Just need a current address or phone number.

Faafetai lava!!!!
Edwin F. Su'a Send Email
Help 09 Oct 2006
to all i am in search of a return missionary a good old friend his name is Luke Kowalski anyone with an address please email me on
Aaron Summerfield Send Email
Sunday School 02 Sep 2006
Hiya to all !!!

Today, in Sacrament Meeting, Bro Joe Tai was Sustained as my 1st counsellor in the Cashmere Ward Sunday School. His was an inspired choice. For, I took to the Lord his case, so to speak, and said why he would make such a brilliant Counsellor. Which he will prove to be. The Lord approved the choice made, and so, we are going ahead.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Elder Pauga 29 Aug 2006
I am seeking Lance Pauga, whom was trained in Caulfield Ward by Elder Ron Jarvis. And I am also remembering the incident with the pot of food, that made me sick one night. Elder Pauga served from 1986 to 1988.

This message is for Alan Baker who requested it. As well as for anyone else whom would like to find out some of the early history of this Missionary.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Elder Pauga 28 Aug 2006
To Dave Peterson: Thank you for your information. I did not expect such to come through as quickly as it did. Where Elder Kandare is concerned. Are you going to the reunion on 6 October 2006? I cannot as time too short and distance too great. Bah !

In any case, I do not know where Elder Pauga is located at present. So, I will post this Message to the Noticeboard, so to speak. Hopefully, someone will spot it, and be able to help you, as you have me.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
Elder Kandare 26 Aug 2006
To Sue Lyon: I do not know as to where Elder Kandare is. I would like to thank him for a job well done as my Senior Companion. He taught how to play BACKGAMMON: have got pretty good at this now. Still have the Deluxe Set given to me by Elder Gates in 1986.

So where are you, elder Kandare ??????????
Alasdair W Wright Send Email 05 Aug 2006
Hi, I have maybe a million questions about the mission. Does someone want to be my correspondent? Email me Thanks :)
Savanna Nilsen Send Email
Sunday School President 29 May 2006
Hiya to all !!!!!! I am the Sunday School President of the Cashmere Ward, in Christchurch. A job that I love !! At the current time, I am a President of one. and 1st & 2nd Counsellor, rolled into one.
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
MTC Class Nov 1985 26 Feb 2006
Good morning to all !

I need to know as to what has happened to the following members of my NZ MTC Class of November 1985. Whom did serve with me in the Australia Melbourne Mission:
Tony Cozis/ Nigel Hook/ James Dunlop/ Bryan Verrall

Hey guys .......... where are you ????????
Alasdair W Wright Send Email
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