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Elder Manarani 10 Feb 2006
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have contact details for Elder Laman Manarani? if you do could you please e mail me them on


Tui Benau
Tui Benau Matthew Friend Whippy Send Email
alan alldredge 10 Feb 2006
I am looking for Alan Alldredge. He served in the Sydney Mission around 1976/77. He came from Idaho originally. I think his wife's name is Angela and I'm quite sure he has a daughter named Angela too. Anyone knowing how I can contact him can e-mail me on


Irene Manning nee Ross
Irene Manning nee Ross Send Email
Contacting Kee 26 Jan 2006
Hey I need some help getting ahold of Kee Chan. I had his email, but my account crashed and I lost my address book. if anyone has his address email or phone number please help.

Thnaks mates
Dustin Scott Price Send Email
Anyone want to catch up 08 Jan 2006
My wife & I will be spending a few weeks in the US for the first time in April. We'll be visiting CA, UT and some other nearby states. If any of my old companions or other missionaries for those areas want to catch up I'd love to organise something. Just drop me an email.
Stephen John ONeil Send Email
Possible Mission Reunion 03 Nov 2005
Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if there would be much interest in a mission reunion for those here in NZ? let me know. I reckon just befor Christmas as i know we all come down to the light's at the Temple.
Tui Benau Matthew Friend Whippy Send Email
November Update 01 Nov 2005
Thank you all for your helpful comments. I have a few items of interest for you.

First, please take our new Poll about the Chat page. Your input will be valuable as we decide what to do with it.

Second, please submit a recipe for the new Recipes page. We could especially use some recipes and Aussie cooking hints from the mothers of some of you Aussie Alumni.

Third, unfortunately, a small number of our users have been using the site inappropriately. Please review the Terms of Use, especially the Restricted Use section.

Thanks, and let me know what you would like to see on this site in the future to keep you better connected with your mission friends.

Mission Network Send Email
mudgee 05 Sep 2005
I am just trying to track down any missionaries that served in a town called mudgee between the years of 1991 and 1996. Contact me
Lauren Bayliss Send Email
Login Security Settings 03 Sep 2005
The login procedure for the Australia Sydney South Mission Alumni Website has changed. For increased security, we have added security codes to the login form. You will see a box with several characters, which you must type in order to login. Please note that the security image system is CASE SENSITIVE. Type the code exactly as it appears.

Because of this change, the login form will no longer be automatically displayed at the top of the main page. To login, simply click the "Login" link on the right side of any page, and enter your username, password, and security code.

We welcome your comments about this change. If you have a suggestion, or if you have trouble logging in, please e-mail, or use the "Comments" link on the right. Thank you.

Nathan Howe
ASSM Webmaster
Mission Network Send Email
catch up 28 Jul 2005
supp peeps of the Talbot/Lee era!!!

just thought I'd drop a note say hello to y'all and if u wanna catch up, I have some photo's posted on this website if u wanna check it out of course (or if u have time on your hands)

I gotz photo's of the kids on there and old skool (for a laugh) as well! hope all is well in your part of the world! alofa's to every1!!
David Stephen Ailepata Send Email
Reunion? 10 Jul 2005
Just wondering if anyone has heard about the reunion??? I heard it is going to be held on Sept 30 but that is all the info I have at the moment. I am going over to the States and will be in UTAH for conference. I would love to catch up with you all at reunion. If you hear of anything please forward it to me.
Emily Ruth Kuhn Send Email
Mclains False report 10 Jul 2005
McClain, I think you must be mistaken. The Guy we were teaching was called Tom King of the world. As I recall, I saw the home made Bong (made from a plastic orange juice bottle) as soon as we sat down and shut my discussions. You soldiered on and I had to explain to you what it was. I have this experience in my journal and tell it regulary in my post mission stories.
Adam R Carthew Send Email
Special Alert 10 Jul 2005
This is a special alert regarding a message that was recently posted on the
Australia Sydney South Mission Website. Here is a quotation from an e-mail
we received:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Laura Roper, and recently someone claiming to be my sister
posted that I was dead in the news section and the messages section. I
have since found out who it was, and have dealt with them, but these items
have caused a lot of distress with other missionaries and members. I would
like to ask if you would please remove them from the site. I don't want
to take action against the person who did it, but I would like to have that
removed from your site. I can assure you I am alive and well.

Thank you,
Laura Roper


As the webmaster, I apologize for this problem. The honor system is
obviously not as reliable as we would hope. Therefore, I have decided to
institute some new regulations to prevent similar problems in the future.

Regarding messages claiming to be from alumni, or messages about
significant events in their lives, I will ONLY post announcements from the
alumnus or his or her authorized representative. An authorized
representative is one who has access to the alumnus' personal e-mail
account, so he or she can get the profile password. Guestbook entries
claiming to be from alumni and Messages entries from alumni registered as
friends will not be posted. To post a message, an alumnus must register
and login.

Thank You.
Nathan Howe
ASSM Webmaster
Mission Network Send Email
Can't wait 08 Jul 2005
While I won't be living in Utah then, (I am now) It should be an interesting opportunity for us yanks to get a bit of Elder Carthew's wisdom. I remember the time when I was just a greenie, Elder Carthew came into Liverpool for splits and he decided to show the greenie (me) how a real missionary did things!
I decided to have a bit of fun with him and led him to the government flats in our area. We found an open door and a guy invited Elder Carthew and I in to teach. I'll never forget how funny it was to see Elder Carthew smiling from ear to ear thinking this guy was really feeling the spirit.
When all the while I knew the spirit this guy was feeling was from the homemade bong just below my feet in the living room we were sitting in. I don't know if Elder Carthew ever saw this, he never let on.
Nathan Scott McLain Send Email
Elder Kirk 07 Jul 2005
Hello everyone, does anybody have contact details for Elder Ryan Kirk? If you do please ask him to contact me on

Tui Benau
Tui Benau Matthew Friend Whippy Send Email
Adam Carthew - coming over 07 Jul 2005
My guess is that you will offend everyone and be driven out of Utah with torches and pitch forks (ever see the opening scene from Shrek?)
Jared Bell Send Email
Coming Over 03 Jul 2005
March 2006 I am heading to the states to see what this place you all rave about is like.
I'll be in SLC for the first week and then heading to NY, Navuoo and finally stay a extra day in LA. It would be great to catch up with the old buddies from the 94-96 era.
Adam R Carthew Send Email
The big TRIP 02 Jul 2005
Just a quick note to let you all know that my family and I are coming to the USA in September/October '05. I would love to catch up with my mission pals and look forward to reunion. We are flying into NY then driving/flying to SL then onto LA and home again. I will be in the States about a month. Feel free to include me in your social calander. It will be great to see my missionary mates again! Also please email me your details and I will try to look you up should I be in your neighbourhood.
I am very excited about the trip. See you then.
Em aka Sister Kuhn
Emily Ruth Kuhn Send Email
up date 24 May 2005
hey every one, just to let you know that i'm married to mele and have one daughter called sariah (1year old)

i've now moved from nsw to brisbane and looking forward to catching up with some of you guys
Mathew Hardwick Send Email
where r u? 29 Mar 2005
hey people - if any1 hears/sees/emails maewa, can u pls tell her i said hi and if she's still in sydney? thanks 1 and all!!!
David Stephen Ailepata Send Email
hollah ya'll 29 Mar 2005
hello to one and all.....
it's been yonks since i've been in here but i'm wanting to find out if any of those in my era are living in Sydney as i've (unfortunately) relocated here from NZ hehe - i've been living here for a year now. i hear nonu is around here somewhere but haven't bumped into him yet. lemusu (jason) called me the other day informing me that pres. talbot was here unfortunately i wasn't able to catch up with him due to work commitments (even on sunday)! i know, i know!!!! n e ways, anyone out there that wants to hollah or catch up....why not!!
David Stephen Ailepata Send Email
Reunion??? 25 Mar 2005
My family is planning to go to the States for October conference. I am wondering if you are aware of any reunions on at that time or does anyone feel inspired to organise one??. I would love to catch up with my mission mates. I served with President and Sister Hansen and President and Sister Elmer during 2003-2004.
Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.
Emily Ruth Kuhn Send Email
Congratulations! 25 Mar 2005
Congratulations to those who have been called to serve in the Australia Sydney South mission. Missions are a wonderful experience. May the Lord bless you and those you work with.
Emily Ruth Kuhn Send Email
Looking for Mark Farris 22 Feb 2005
Hey everyone I am looking for an Elder Mark Farris who served in the ASSM around 99-2000 he and I were good freinds and I have lost track of him....last I heard he was in the Safford AZ area....if anyone knows his wereabouts pls have him e-mail me at

[Message edited - please do not give out others' personal information without their consent. It's fine to ask other alumni to contact old friends and ask them to contact you, but for the sake of their privacy, do not volunteer their information without their permission. Thanks. -NH]
Ashton Wayne Holbrook Send Email
Chat, among other things 21 Feb 2005
Some of you may be interested in establishing a weekly time when several alumni and/or friends could use the chatroom. The chatroom doesn't get too much use, because people are rarely looking at the site at the same time. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail me and let me know when would work well. If we can find a good time that suits several people, I will post it on the front page. To comment on this (or anything else), please e-mail me through the Comments link.

Secondly, if you have a SPAM filter on your e-mail, please remember to allow messages from this site if you desire e-mail notifications. If your address rejects these messages more than a few times for any reason, I will have to change your settings so you cannot receive e-mail through the site. If this happens, or if your address changes, you can change your preferences by logging in, going to your personal profile, and clicking the Edit Profile link.

One more clarification: the Guestbook, News, Messages, and Stories sections are all posted on the site, but the Comments page just sends a personal message to me, and these will not be posted.

Until next time, stay strong in the Gospel of Christ.

Mission Network Send Email
This site 11 Feb 2005
Thank you all for using the ASSM site from I have a few items of general information for you.

First, we have had many notification e-mails bouncing back. When you visit the site, please be sure to update your profile to reflect your current e-mail address if you want anybody to be able to contact you, or if you want site update notifications. Remember that others cannot see your e-mail address, but they can e-mail you using the form we provide, and you can choose whether to respond or not.

Secondly, all available functions of the website should now be working (Stories, Pictures, News, etc.); however, all posts must be approved before they appear on the site. It may take 24-48 hours for me to approve your post and get it posted, but I will generally be faster than that. Thanks for your patience.

Third, regarding passwords, to change the information listed in your profile, you must first login using the username and password you chose when you set up your profile. To have the system send them to you, follow these steps:

1. Search for yourself in the appropriate database (alumni, friend, current)

2. Click on your name in the resulting list
Click on the "Edit Profile" link.

3. In the resulting login screen, click on the "Request Password" link.

4. The username and password will be sent to the email address listed in the profile. If you no longer have access to that email account, please contact me with your new email address.

Finally, feel free to contact me through the "Comments" link with any questions or suggestions.
Nathan Howe
Mission Network Send Email
Location of Elder Lance Turner 17 Dec 2004
I have been curious where Elder Lance Turner from the Australia East Mission ended up. He was my Senior Comp in Cairns, Queensland in December 1973. When the East mission split in 1973 I was sent to Sydney. I haven't heard anything about him since we were companions. I think he was from Venice, California. If anyone knows him please pass the word that I would like to get in touch.
Randall Kerry Reynolds Send Email
Andrew Mills 16 Dec 2004
I'm looking for the contact info for one of my companions who hasn't yet added his profile to the site. He's from Perth WA, and his name is Andrew Mills. He was my last comp, and I'm sorry I lost contact with him... please help if you can. Thanks.
Benjamin J Rutledge Send Email
checkin in 24 Oct 2004
hey i'm looking to get in touch with bishop gemmel, he was a bishop in the summerhill ward in the year 2001 does anyone know how to get in touch with him.
I'm also trying to get in touch with a family i worked with in liverpool they were baptized in sept. 2001 the moms name is angela lottey if anybody has info. about these people please let me know
Travis H Green Send Email
Houma's, Craig 03 Oct 2004
Does anyone have an email address for either of the Houma brothers (Tonga) or Elder Craig (Samoa)? If so, please email me at Thanks
Jeremiah David Bigelow Send Email
Legler 25 Aug 2004
Hey All,
It's former Elder Legler. i've been home now for about 6 months, but i only found out about this site a few days ago in an email from Sister Elmer. i'm at BYU in Utah right now, so if anyone's in the neighborhood look me up.
Derrik Thomas Legler Send Email
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