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I'm Home!! 19 Aug 2004
This is Sister Kuhn aka Emily! Well, I just flew in from Sydney last night. My 18 months is over. It's a weird feeling. I'm not 100% sure what to do with my life- ANY IDEAS? ANY ADVICE? I would love to go to the states and visit but I'm not sure. The mission is going great. It's the best thing to be serving the Lord. I loved it and would go again tomorrow if I could!!! ;)
Untill we meet again,
Love Sister Kuhn aka Emily
Emily Ruth Kuhn Send Email
Adrian Halls 14 Jul 2004
This is actually NOT Alan. I'm using his account. He has been looking for a man for quite some time. His name is Adrian Halls. We believe he still lives in Sydney, New South Wales, but we have lost contact with him. While my dad was over in Sydney on his mission, he met Adrian, and since then have been very very good friends. My dad would be estatic if we could get a hold of Adrian. I've been searching for almost a year now, trying to find him. If ANYONE can help, I'd appreciate it so much! Please reply to if you know of him, or how I can get a hold of him. I cannot afford to make a phone call, so an email or mailing address would be fine. Thank you again for your help, and have a great day!

Stephanie Judd
Alan Blane Judd Send Email
I'm Getting Married 13 Jun 2004
So as some of you have found out by now, I am getting married after all these long years. I have tried (not very hard mind you) to get addresses for everyone and get out real invites, but some of you seem determined not to be found. So, to everyone who hasn't recieved and invite please consider this to be it. There will be 2 receptions so if you are in California on the 19th of june feel free to swing by 9888 South Oak Grove Ave, Knights Landing 95645. If you will be in the Salt Lake/ Provo area on the 25th feel free to swing by 953 Westfield rd., Alpine 84004. Both parties run from about 7 to 9. So if you think you liked me well enough to subject yourself to the bordom of a reception for someone you haven't heard from in years, please stop in. Thanks.
Cory Petersen
Cory Allen Petersen Send Email
Tongan members/Harbord 2nd Ward 29 May 2004
I'd be interested in re-establishing contact with Mele (Pikula) and Charles Tupou, Soane and Britt Sikimeti, Mana Faka'i, Tanieli (whose last name I don't recall, but he was friend to Faka'i), all of whom were in the Harbord Second Ward back in 1986. Also interested in finding Sisters Penelope Ball, Lucy La Rosa, Lorraine White, and Jacki Naylor.

I can be reached at
Pamela Dee Scott Send Email
Irene 02 Apr 2004
I am looking for Irene's address. She always took the Elders and Sisters out to lunch. I am getting married and I know that she would really like to get an invitation. If anyone has her address please E-mail me.
Michael Ricks

P.S. I am also looking for Elder Haskets Address if anyone can help me with that as well. He lives in Pocatello, ID.
Michael David Ricks Send Email
RE: Sister Tyson 29 Feb 2004
Good news - Sister Tyson's sister isn't as bad off as they thought. She'll be coming to America as planned!
Nathan Philip Howe Send Email
Sister Tyson 25 Feb 2004
For any of you who know Norma Tyson of Dapto Ward, she's having a rough time, and if you haven't called her lately it might be a good time. She won't be able to come to America this year as she had planned, because her sister is having some serious medical problems. Why not drop her a line and cheer her up? If you need her phone number or address, e-mail me at Thanks.

-Nathan Howe
Nathan Philip Howe Send Email
Are you GIRLS still on this planet?? 11 Feb 2004
Does ANYONE have in information on Sister Miller, Sister Field, Sister Sa'u and Sister Tanuvasa??? Have lost all forms of communication with these sisters. Please e-mail me any information you have.
Lepainene'a Asa-Seumanu (Tonumaipe'a) Send Email
M.I.A. 04 Jan 2004
kia ora everyone

just wanted to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of sis towne, reed, slade, bishop, baxter, hermence, albert or anyone around that era...even better if they reply! especially tammy "THE WELL" wells...she has been slothful in her correspondence. if they are still alive could you let them know that they owe me emails and if they are not alive, that is NO excuse! they can email me back at your_funny!
Moana Hapeta Send Email
David Gooley 20 Dec 2003
Can possibly any one help me to get hold of David Gooley, by e-mail or phone, he must be a member in australia, I have through England some connections in Genealogy over the Harmer line.
Would be pleased to here from you
Greetings from Switzerland
Bruno Steinle
Bruno Steinle Send Email
Granny Rood 15 Dec 2003
I spoke with Granny Rood the other week, she's doing great - the pain is still terrible, but the recollections are all warm and fuzzy! The Elders and Sisters still visit lots, and Granny's special is still cooking. The Stake Pres. there is keeping an eye on her, as is the Mission President and his wife, who went to visit her on her birthday with some friends. Give her a ring!!! I've put her telephone number on the end of my address, so it's secure! Just click on my profile to see Granny's number - and let her know how you all are...

take care,

Elder Biddulph as was
Jacob Thomas Oliver Biddulph Send Email
President Pace Mission 08 Dec 2003
Hi All,
Just wanted to see what you are all doing. I am looking for those who served under President Glenn L Pace 92-93.

I didn't marry Elder Simon Garwood. I married an unreal worthy young man called Scott Horne and we have a beautiful boy called Adam. Talk to you all soon.
Yvette Renea Horne(Weeden) Send Email
Pres. & Sis. McPhie 19 Nov 2003
Pres. & Sis. McPhie's daughter. (Portion of the Obituary). Note that Sister Ruth McPhie passed away 5 years ago. Pres. McPhie had not moved as of a couple of months ago.

Obituary: Patricia Karen McPhie
1948 ~ 2003
Surrounded by loving family and friends, Patty McPhie slipped peacefully from this life on Sunday evening, September 14, 2003, in Vista, California. She fought a short, intense and courageous battle against pancreatic cancer and has left many dear friends.
Patty was born August 15, 1948, in Salt Lake City to Joseph M. and Ruth Buehner McPhie. Moving with her father's transfers in the Air Force, she lived in several states......
She even had a star officially named for her mother who died five years ago.......
She is survived by her father, Joseph M. McPhie......
She is preceded in death by her mother, Ruth.......
Fred C. Cox Send Email
Where is Michelle Chidester 05 Nov 2003
Hey Twin!!!

I don't have your email addy or may be I don't know how to use this thing. All is well, drop me a line o.k or someone teach me how to find her email addy.

Love ya
Tessa T Iva Send Email
Dael Dorning 04 Nov 2003
This is Paul Corre from the UK I serived between Aug 1992 - Aug 1994. Elder Dael Dorning and I served in the Sept/Oct of 1993.

Anyone know where he is last seen in Sydney.
Paul Corre Send Email
Pres Lee 02 Nov 2003
Does anyone have President Lee's address?? please e mail it to me
Tui Benau Matthew Friend Whippy Send Email
reunion photos 29 Oct 2003
does anyone have any photos from this years President Hansen and Lee reunions. it'd be good to see everyone. can you please post them online.
Dylan andrews
Dylan Andrews Send Email
How to Contact President Hansen 28 Jul 2003
I am getting married this August 8th, and I am trying to find the mailing address for President Hansen so that I can send him an invitation. If anyone knows of it I would greatly appreciate it.

Spencer J. Brown
The Spanish/Samoan elder

From 1999-2001

you can contact me via e-mail
Spencer J. Brown Send Email
Lis O'Reilly 14 Jul 2003
I served in 1994/5 as Sister Gay and I am trying to find Lis O'Reilly. The last address I have for her is in Lalor Park. If anyone knows of her whereabouts I would greatly appreciate the info.
Maureen Ann Merrill Send Email
Shaun Bradley 11 Jul 2003
Hey man you are hard to contact. See you on tv and my kids at bball rant and rave about you - yur still a freak of nature. Drop me a line.
Paul STRATFOLD Send Email
Granny Rood stuff 09 Jul 2003
Granny was doin' great last time I saw her in May 2001. She was still cookin' up some mean "Rood Stew" when I was there! Hopefully she'll make it to 100. She's got quite the collection of Mormon goodies too. When my wife and I move to Sydney after I graduate from BYU next year, I'll half to stop by and see how she's doin'.
Bradley Everett Wilson Send Email
Granny Rood 02 Apr 2003
Does anyone know anything about Granny Rood from the Campsie area?
Chad Martin Send Email
John Lagoudakis 09 Mar 2003
Has anyone see John around Sydney. I haven't heard from him in years so I was wondering if anyone can help me locate this brother. Thank you.
Isireli Lagi Leqakowailutu Send Email
Jannette Basham (Smith) email 28 Jan 2003
Sorry for whoever was trying to email me back, I had an extra letter in my email address but i fixed it. It's
Jannette Marie Basham Send Email
Hispanic members 27 Jan 2003
While serving my mission (1974-76), a dependant Spanish branch was organized under the South Harbour Ward (Bishop George Harvey). What became of that branch? How has the Work progressed among the Hispanic members in Sydney?

I may be reached at:

Addendum: I'm still wondering about the Hispanic members in Sydney. Any news? ( is still my email address)
Bruce Aaron Holt Send Email
Falasiu Kimuana Haliliku (Siu) 26 Nov 2002
Does any one know anything about Falasue Kimuana Haliliku (spelling may be different) she was baptised in Summer Hill ward in I believe 1996 possibly 1997. I do believe she served a mission, but I lost contact after that. Thanks for any help.
Chad Martin Send Email
Scott Turner 25 Nov 2002
I would like to get in touch with Scott Turner, one of my mission companions. Has anyone who served between 1994-1996 kept in contact with him?? He was from Louisiana.

Scott David Bean Send Email
Scott Turner 25 Nov 2002
I would like to get in touch with Scott Turner, one of my mission companions. Has anyone who served between 1994-1996 kept in contact with him?? He was from Louisiana.

Scott David Bean Send Email
Scott Turner 25 Nov 2002
I would like to get in touch with Scott Turner, one of my mission companions. Has anyone who served between 1994-1996 kept in contact with him?? He was from Louisiana.

Scott David Bean Send Email
My trip to Utah 22 Sep 2002
Hey all. I am coming out to utah for conference and i would like to see all my friends from the mission. please email me and let me know who would like to get together.
William Howard Ginn II Send Email
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