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MIssão Goiânia 2005 18 Aug 2004
E ai galera,

Espero que todos estejam bem ao receber este e-mail. Foi bom demais ter reencontrado o valentes que serviram na Missão Brasil Goiânia.

Sei que faltaram alguns amigos nossos por isso já estamos planejando o próximo reencontro, ou melhor, EVENTO, que vai acontecer no mês de Março de 2005. Queremos reunir o maior número de missionários retornados, contar suas experiências, mostrar suas famílias, etc...

Peço a colaboração de todos para enviar os contatos dos missionários que tem. Vamos ter a presença do Presidente e Sister Casado e Presidente e Sister Barbour.

Queremos ver todos lá, por isso começamos a planejar desde já. Você não pode perder e deixar seus companheiros de fora dessa!!!

Até mais

Daniel Camargo
11-9566.0758 /
CX Postal - 57015 CEP 04089-970/SP
Daniel Camargo Enviar E-mail
Encontro de Ex-Missionários 26 Mar 2004
"Encontro de Missionários Retornados"
Missão Brasil Goiânia
c/ Presidente e Sister CASADO

Convidam todos os ex-missionários que saerviram com eles para se reencontrarem.

Data:1º de Maio de 2004
Local: Capela do Caxingui
Horário: 10h00

Confirmem sua presença com:

Élder Faria - tel. 11-69590349 ou
e-mail -

Élder Cruz - tel.11-40131058 ou
e-mail -

Não Percam, vai ser demais da conta, ah nem!!

Lizandro Conterini Coelho
(Élder Coelho -
Lizandro Conterini Coelho Enviar E-mail
Mission Reunion 2003 on Oct. 3,2003 11 Sep 2003
Para Todos Da Missao do Reino Celestial, e A Coracao do Brasil -----If you havent already heard from the Reunions portion of this web page, you shall soon hear. We are holding our 2nd annual Brazil Goiania Mission Reunion on Oct. 3, 2003 from 6pm- 10pm. at the WyView(NOT WyMount) multipurpose building in Provo. It will be a BYM (bring your own meat) Party. We will try to have other things provided. any donations would help, seeing we are still all poor college students. Come planning to have fun, visit with old friends, tell stories, sing songs, show pictures, chat, and Comer Muito. If you cant make it by 6pm, show up when you can. We look forward to seeing you all there. Please help us by forwarding these messages to any mission buddy that may not hear of it other wise. We will be getting a better address and possible map on this website soon. This Reunion is for those that have served in the Goiania mission during either president Casado or Borbor. Any Questions Contact
Spencer Walker
h. 801-371-1829
Devin Knighton
c. 801-358-7697
Tchau valeira!!!
Spencer Walker Enviar E-mail
groups 17 Jun 2003
oi galera

temos um grupo no msn e precisamos enche-lo

todos vc estao conclamados a enche-lo

o nome é:

tchau com amor ROCHA
Antonio F. Rocha Enviar E-mail
new site in brasil 17 Jun 2003
e ai galera

temos um grupo em portugues da missao onde temos foto, chat, messagens e tudo mais
vc devem acessar:

e ingressar ja

ja fui
Antonio F. Rocha Enviar E-mail
Getting Married 24 Apr 2003
First time using this site.
Just letting you know I'm alive
And that I'm planning to get married at the
palmyra Temple in july to Theressa Billings from the New England area currently RI
And we will eventually be living in Washington state do to my being in the Navy
My e-mail is
If ya know me talk to me will reply
RM Elder Schroeder
Alexander Troy Schroeder Enviar E-mail
Looking for companions 23 Apr 2003
My fiancee is Alexander Schroeder. We're getting married in a couple months. Alex lost track of most of his companions and isn't sure how to contact anyone now. He's in the Navy, we're trying to plan a wedding from two different coasts (he's in Washington, I'm in RI), so I thought I would try and help him out a little and find what I can. If any of you knew Alex, please email me. Thanks!!!
Theressa Billings Enviar E-mail
reunion 22 Apr 2003
hey every one

we are going to have a reunion on May 3dr at 17:00 ( brasil time zone ) we are going to access -> chat -> religion -> !!!!!!!!!(...) lds gospel.

will be brasilians and north american in this reunion

i ai todos

nos vamos ter uma reuniao em 3 de maio, s 17:00 (horario brasileiro) vamos acessar o -> pessoa e chat -> religiao -> escola selecao de numero 2, 3 ou 4 -> procurea sala !!!!!!!!!!(...) lds gospel.

brasileiros e estadudadense etarao la

Elder Rocha
Antonio F. Rocha Enviar E-mail
brasil 21 Nov 2002
hi everybody this elder rocha

i am writing to say hello

and e mail me

Antonio F. Rocha Enviar E-mail
Oct. Mission Reunion 24 Sep 2002
I am sorry That I haven't gotten back with any one about the Oct mission reunion. I have never been busier in my life. I wont be able to pull a reunion together myself right now, so if we still have a general concensious to keep holding our reunions, which I am all for, I then will need others help. One of these days I may be organized enough to be able to do a ton of things. but as of right now I cant. I was hoping to be holding the Reunion about the same time and General Conferance. That Gives us 2 weeks. so I am soliciting help. or it wont happen other wise. Please keep in touch and let me know if you can help. all we need is a place where we can all meet and visit and have some food. any Ideas call me or email me.
Thank you for your support.
Spencer Walker
Spencer Walker Enviar E-mail

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