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Blog da Ala Caruaru 17 Jan 2007
Carlos Rogerio Prestes Send Email
Missão Recife 17 Jan 2007
Oi pessoal! Pra quem fez missão em Pernambuco e passou em caruaru,visitem o blog da ala Caruaru, que traz notícias da igreja na cidade! É bem legal.
Carlos Rogerio Prestes Send Email
Hey Mae 25 Oct 2006
Do you still have your e-mail address? There is a long time I do not hear from you! Estou morando aqui em Montana agora.
Marisa "Imada"
Marisa Robuck Send Email
Hey Mae 25 Oct 2006
Do you still have your e-mail address? There is a long time I do not hear from you! Estou morando aqui em Montana agora.
Marisa "Imada"
Marisa Robuck Send Email
??? 25 Oct 2006
Hello Mae and E. Roberts,

Well... I was taking a look at the Walmart site and I think (99,9% of chance) that Walmart bought Bom Preco, since it is weird to see a supermarket site talking so well about another supermarket. As Mae gave you an advise, I will give another one: buy stuffs at mini markets, because they can have better prices. Here in US, Walmart has very good prices, however in Brazil Walmart/Bom Preco can be very expansive. I was there on April and I almost felt down when I saw the prices there.
Humm...another tip: When you take photos, write in the back the names, so you will be able to remember who is who and take a note of adresses and phone numbers o fthose who you really like. It will be helpfull if you got back after some years. I have some of addresses and that helped me a lot to find places, once places change and your memory is not so good after 9 years.
Sucess in your mission. You will love and they will love you.
Marisa "Imada" Robuck
Marisa Robuck Send Email
??? 22 Oct 2006
Hey Elder Roberts,

What? Are you saying you *want* to get robbed in Recife? Just kidding -- but not really.

My intent is not to scare you - even I survived some funky areas - but to be practical. It has been 8 years since I served in Recife and 6 years since I was last there. During those times missionaries and travellers were strongly advised not to have flashy cameras or wear jewelry/watches that basically say, "Hey! Rob me!"

I doubt much has changed, but hey I can be completely wrong. My advice is to buy an inexpensive camera that takes 35mm film. (I know... cameras from the dinosaur age.) If your camera becomes lost or stolen ... no big deal. Also, you may have an easier time developing your pictures than trying to find a place to burn cds. Big cities in Pernambuco (the state) may have places to do that but if you are in the interior (aka places outside big cities) you might as well forget it. They either won't have the technology or you'll pay through the nose with your barely-enough-mesada. (It won't be worth it.) And to answer your question... Recife does not have a Walmart. The big stores are Carrefour and Bom Preco. Also there are plenty of lojas.

Don't worry so much about developing pictures. Go serve, work hard, and if worse comes to worst be glad to have a camera. :)

Have fun.
Mae L. Fields Send Email
??? 22 Oct 2006
hey this might be a stupid question but does Recife have a walmart? Or somewhere I can down load digital photos from my SD card and burn them on a CD
Elder Roberts Send Email
Follow Up Orkut 18 Oct 2006
I didn't realize that you couldn't join Orkut unless you were invited. The disclaimer on the site says:

"orkut is unique, because it's an organically growing network of trusted friends. That way we won't grow too large, too quickly and everyone will have at least one person to vouch for them.

If you know someone who is a member of orkut, that person can invite you to join as well. If you don't know an orkut member, wait a bit and most likely you soon will.

We look forward to having you as part of the orkut community."

If you would like to get on, I can send you an invite to get on, just send me an e-mail at
Troy Hiltbrand Send Email
Orkut 17 Oct 2006
There is a site called that is similar to but is a favorite of Brazilians.

I have been amazed at the number of members from Natal, Recife, and Caico that I knew that I have been able to get in contact with again.

It is something interesting to check out if you are interested in seeing how some of the ward members are doing.
Troy Hiltbrand Send Email
Brazilian Handcrafts - Artesanato Brasileiro! 21 Sep 2006 has a great new department: WORLDSTOCK

They have just started bringing handcrafts from Brazil and usually get sold out pretty fast.

Next week there will be a limited edition of the paintings of Luiz Mendes (Harvests of Brazil hardcover book). Each painting was painted individually and there will be only 20 available on site.

Don’t get used to the price you will see this time. The two paintings that will be sold this time are to promote the greeting cards (a new project) in the future.

Ok, how do I know all of that?

I am here in Brazil right now for Worldstock. Drinking Guarana and eating churrasco until my belly explodes! Oh yeah, and working of course…

Have a good day you all’

Andre A Yamaguchi Send Email
Guarana 17 Aug 2006
Oi Gente boa, eu e meu marido encontramos aqui no Arizona um super mercado que vende comidas do mundo inteiro enclusive do Brasil. La tem Guarana, farinha de mandioca, doce de goiaba, flocos de milho pre-cozido (cuzcuz) e muito mais. Um Abraco a todos!
Google Earth Hacks 16 Aug 2006
There is a site called Google Earth Hacks ( that holds a lot of different points of interest like

Beaches -
Bairros of Recife -
Natal Fortress -,-RN---Brazil.htm
Cabadelo -,-PB---Brazil.htm
Ponta do Seixas -

I also found it interesting that Google Earth has a clear picture of Petrolina in its entirety, but not of a majority of Joao Pessoa and Natal.
Troy Hiltbrand Send Email
Google Earth Placemarks 14 Aug 2006
I found a file with many placemarks of locations in Recife. It is extensive but not church centric. It has 'church of the mormons' for the temple. I found it interesting. Here is the location to get the file and try it out for yourseves.
Brent Romney Send Email
More Landmarks 25 Jul 2006
I was incorrect about the apartment of the president, as I was searching through I realized that I misplaced where I thought the building to be, the correct place is:
8º02'46.63" S 34º54'09.00" W

Also A capela de Madalena:
8º02'57.59" S 34º54'54.62" W

and the new house of Madalena as of 2005
8º02'53.49" S 34º55'07.50" W

And as always I am looking for more places to add to my database.
David Springgay Send Email
Mission Points 18 Jul 2006
Well in response to Troy's message, the Mission President's house is covered with a big white cloud. But on the good side of things there are about 8 points that I had discovered.

Capela de Candeias
8°12'14.87" S 34°55'12.30" W
Capela de Barra de Jangada e Candelária
8°13'10.68" S 34°55'50.88" W
Casa dos Missionários - Candelária 2003-2004
8°12'50.17" S 34°55'22.84" W
Templo de Recife
8°02'11.02" S 34°54'40.10" W
Casa do Staff 2003-2006
8°03'37.11" S 34°53'30.37" W
Casa dos Missionários - Boa Viagem
8°05'23.04" S 34°53'09.70" W
Escritorio da Missao Brasil Recife
8°03'45.51" S 34°53'42.61" W
Capela da Ala Recife
8°03'36.91" S 34°53'28.23" W

I would appriciate any other points of interest that anyone else has found.
David Springgay Send Email
Google Earth 18 Jul 2006
That's cool the Google Earth images are being updated! I love seeing the temple there - it was announced after I ended my mission, but I remember the Hiper Bompreco and the mango grove.

Anyway, here's a site that will let you search for street addresses in Brazil:

Click the "Localize um endereço" link under the "Guia de Ruas" section.

Coordinates for the Ninfas chapel:
8deg 03' 37.02" S
34deg 53' 28.06" W

I'd love to find the Mission President's home, as well as chapels in Encruzilhada, Santa Rita, Potengi, etc. I think a lot of the Ward names have changed since then.

Oh, you can also search for chapel addresses on - Worship With Us link.

Kevin Ballard Send Email
Google Earth 17 Jul 2006
I am so excited that Google Earth has finally got Recife on there. Now I can show my wife where I served.

I have managed to find the Mission Office on Derby and the Temple in Google Earth, but where is the apartment that President Gollaher and Grahl lived in and where is the church next to the Sitio da Trinidade?

Temple -
Latitude - 8° 2'12.10"S
Longitude - 34°54'39.60"W

If anyone has any landmarks that they have identified, please post the coordinates.
Troy Hiltbrand Send Email
Recife Made Google Earth 13 Jul 2006
Hello Everyone,

For quite some time, I have enjoyed playing around with Google Earth or similar aerial view programs. I was always a little bummed that areas such as where we all served our missions were not detailed at all. Well, just recently, Google Earth updated several of their images, including a large part of Recife, Part of Natal, and part of Joao Pessoa. It is kind of fun to be able to look at many of the same roads we walked on (and walked and walked and walked and walked). Anyway, I just thought some of you might be interested in taking a look. If you don't already have Google Earth, here is the link... I hope everyone is doing great!!
Dave Felt Send Email
Recife Sul 05 Apr 2006
Ai pessoal da antiga missão recife sul brasil, entrei em contato comigo.

Elder Ramos 1995-1996
meu e-mail:
Mauro Sérgio de Oliveira Ramos Send Email
Campina Grande in the NY Times 28 Feb 2006
I was reading an article the other day on the NY Times website and thought it interesting that it mentioned Campina Grande, PB. CG has hit the international news, it is too bad that it is for something bad.
Troy Hiltbrand Send Email
E-Mail do Presidente Grahl 25 Jan 2006
This email address has been moved to the "Presidents" section to protect the email address from spam bots.

Troy Hiltbrand Send Email
DIGA GENTE! 25 Jan 2006
Como vai?
Algeum sabe o e-mail de Presendente Grahl?
Brent Stemmons Send Email
DIGA GENTE! 25 Jan 2006
Como vai?
Algeum sabe o e-mail de Presendente Grahl?
Brent Stemmons Send Email
Reuniao c/P. Puerta em 19/nov 10 Nov 2005
Caros Irmaos,

Teremos uma grande reuniao de reencontro de 20 anos de final da missao do P. Puerta.

Só dos EUA/USA estao confirmadas 12 pessoas, por enquanto.

Dia 18 sessao no Templo 20:00h, 19 na Capela do Ipiranga, a partir de 15:00-22:00h.

Se você é da época do Puerta e não recebeu mensagens anteriores com a programação detalhada, por favor envie uma mensagem para que um comite recebe e enviará mais informacoes e o ajudara a estar junto conosco.

Se nao for desta epoca e conhecer algum dinossauro de nossa era, por favor ajude a divulgar.
José ; de Andrade Filho; Feitosa Send Email
AJUDA (URGENTE) 10 Nov 2005
Alguém de vocês teria o endereço e telefones de contato do irmão AILTON DUTRA que mora em João Pessoa? Na minha época de missão (98-00) ele era um dos conselheiros do Pres. Grahl e continuou sendo do Pres. Gomes (MBJP). Ele era da Estaca João Pessoa Rangel, mas parece ele passou a ser da Estaca João Pessoa. Estou precisando dessas informações com a máxima urgência. Se alguém souber delas ou de como eu poderia consegui-las, favor me enviar e-mail, ok? Forte abraço a todos!
Armindo R. Medina Jr. Send Email
Guaraná 06 Nov 2005
Hi guys,

This is for those ones who live in US. I don't know if it is true or not, but an Elder from my ward said that Wall Mart is seeling Guaraná Antartica. So... if it is true, go and get yours and tell me if it is correct this information or not.
Marisa "Imada"
Marisa Robuck Send Email
Encontrar pessoas e amigos 23 Sep 2005
Eu gostaria de encontrar pessoase amigos que fiz missão por favor eu servi em 91 a93 vou deixar meu e-mail pra contato
Eu fui Elder Metzgerestou esperando noticias

Arisson Metzger Send Email
Missão Brasil João Pessoa 23 Sep 2005
Olá amigos!! Venho aqui avisar todos vocês que o site da Missão Brasil João Pessoa está atualizado e em pleno funcionamento. Sei que muitos de vocês que serviram na época do Presidente Grahl, passaram em áreas que após a divisão, ficaram para a MBJP, como João Pessoa, Campina Grande, Patos, Natal, Caicó e Currais Novos (acho que disse todas as cidades na época). Com a criação da MBJP em 1º de julho de 1998, mais duas cidades passaram a pertencer à ela, quais sejam, Mossoró e Aracati-CE, que faziam parte da Missão Brasil Fortaleza. Atualmente, saibam que o nosso trabalho contribuiu para que hoje, CAICÓ SEJA UM FORTE DISTRITO (por exemplo), novas cidades na Paraíba foram abertas... enfim, talvez vocês queiram dar uma olhadinha no referido site. O endereço é:
Um forte abraço, ex-Elder Medina.
Armindo R. Medina Jr. Send Email
ORKUT 14 Aug 2005
Dae !! O Elder ULISSES criou uma comunidade no ORKUT ... portanto... todos pra lá !
Hey everybody, Elder Ulisses has started a comunity at ORKUT.... so...move your but up there ! "MISSAO BRASIL RECIDE"
Robson Zoccoli Send Email
OI gente 08 Aug 2005
Olá pessoal eu estou a procura de meus amigos e companheiros da missão que eu to com muitas saudades da missão e de vcs meus amigos amei esse povo quando estive na missão são pessoas bem especias , meu Pres e sua esposa foram pessoas que me deram muito apoio e eu amo eles demais sou grato ao Pai Celestial por esse tempo tão maravilhosa e pelo trabalho que fizemos que trouxe um lindo templo isso me faz muito feliz sou grato a Deus e pela grande família que eu fiz na missão
Arisson Metzger Send Email
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