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Brazilian Branch Fireside Aug 3 29 Jul 2003
This is former Elder Queiroz. My dad is here in Salt Lake visiting from Brazil. He's going
to be speaking on a fireside at the Brazilian Branch in Holladay.

The fireside is going to be on August 3rd @ 7pm.

1475 E. 4705 S.
Holladay, UT

Walter G. Queiroz is a former Regional Representative, Mission Pres.,
Stake Pres., Bishop and he used to be an Area Director for the CES (Church Educational System) down in South America.

If you have any question give me a buzz @ 6948979
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Elder Barbosa 11 Jul 2003
Alguem conhece o (ex)Elder Barbosa? Sinto falta dele, e quero saber que ele esta fazendo. Se alguem tiver qualquer noticias dele, por favor me escreve.

Alden Stradling
Alden Stradling Send Email
Brazilian Summer Festival in SLC 17 Jun 2003
Oi Daniel,
Nos da 'Made in Brazil' estamos organizando o 'Brazilian Summer Festival' no dia 25 de Julho no Rit club aqui em SLC com o grupo Fundo de Quintal.
Maiores informacao 9442427
Por favor passe esta informacao adiante.
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Estroganoffe de Frango 07 Jun 2003
I guess I'll add Fabrício's estroganoffe recipe to the site as well - I know how much I missed it.

1 bandeja peito de frango, sem osso
2 cebolas
~5 tomates
1 bloco requeijão
1 lata molho de tomate
1 lata creme de leite

Arroz preparada do jeito brasileiro (veja a página de guestbook pela receita)

Americans - use about 4 frozen chicken breasts . Roma tomatoes are smaller - I use about 7. Requeijão is cream cheese. Creme de leite is called table cream or media crema, and can be found in the foreign;spanish aisle of some stores. It can be left out, if necessary... but try to get it. DON'T USE CONDENSED MILK (especially sweetened).

Prepare o frango - pode picar e afogar na panela ou no forno. Quando esta cozido, afoge numa panela grande com óleo e sal e 1 cebola picada. Deixe ao lado. Numa outra panela, precisa afogar os tomates (picadas), a outra cebola e mais sal até os tomades desmanchem. Combine tudo na panela grande com o molho de tomate, mexe até ferver, e coloque o bloco de requeijão (em pedaços); mexe até derretido. Apague o fogo, coloque a creme de leite, mexe. Serve acima do arroz.
Alden Stradling Send Email
Pão de Queijo 04 May 2003
I just managed to find povilho de mandioca to make this, and it worked out GREAT. Try half-and-half cheddar and mozzarella, with some Parmasean for flavor. You can also make the LARGE balls (like you got at Rei do Pão de Queijo) that work just fine.

Enjoy. Que saudades.

Alden Stradling

Try looking for Tapioca Starch at oriental grocers to make your pão de queijo.

This recipe comes from the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC. Their chef always serves tiny pães de queijo at the Brazilian Independence Day reception in September. Needless to say, we had to have this and other recipes and managed to interview him in his kitchen.

2 lbs of polvilho doce

4 cups milk

1 cup oil

1 tsp salt

5 eggs

1 lb grated cheese (Cheddar, white or yellow)

Heat milk and oil and pour on the polvilho, mix well, and let cool. Add other ingredients and knead the dough. Grease your fingers with shortening and make small balls (about 1 teaspoonful) and drop them onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350° F until golden (about 30 minutes).
Alden Stradling Send Email
Reorganization of Stakes in Ribeirao 06 Jan 2002
The following comment has been submitted by Sister Zollinger:

I thought you might be interested in the changes that were made here in Ribeirão Preto on December 9, 2001. You know there were four stakes here. Well, they were combined and now there are two stakes. The stakes of Ipiranga and Ribeirão Preto Centro were combined to make Ribeirão Preto Oeste Stake. Here are the wards in that stake: Ala Vila Virginia (Ala Jardim Centenário and Ramo Jardim Piratininga combined with Vila Virginia); Ala Ipiranga (Ala Sumarézinho and Ala Vila Pompéia combined with Ala Ipiranga); Ala Parque Ribeirão Preto; Ala Ribeirão Preto I (Ala Monte Alegre combined with Ala I); Ala Jd. Irajá; Ala Planalto Verde; Ramo Sertãozinho (Ala Sertãozinho and Ala Alvorada combined to make the Ramo).

Quintino and Ribeirão Preto Stakes combined to make the Estaca Ribeirão Preto Brasil Leste. Here are the wards in that stake:
Ala Avelino Palma (Ala Quintino and Ala Simioni combined with Ala Avelino Palma); Ala Jd. Jandaia (Ramo Heito Rigon combined with Jd.Jandaia); Ala Jd. Independência (Ramo Vila Mariana combined with Jd. Independência); Ala Jd. Palmares (Ala Vila Abranches combined with Ala Jd. Palmares); Ala Iguatemi (Ramo São José combined with Iguatemi); and Ala Campos Eliseos. Bebedouro, Batatais, and Mocóca became Ramos of the mission.

Elder Neil K. Andersen and Elder Flavio Cooper came to make the changes. We had a big meeting out at Lona Branca where all the changes were announced. I think there were about 3,000-3,500 members there at that conference. We think these changes will help make the wards here stronger, let the members have only one calling, have more people help so things aren't so burdensome for a few, and give the members more time with their families and more time to help integrate the new members. We are really trying hard to have the members be more and more involved in missionary work and it looks like we're having success. If you'd like, I could try to scan the paper that has all this typed up nice and neat and send to you, but I know that takes a lot of time to download. I don't have the names of the new bishops and stake presidents here at home, but if you really want to know we could send them.

As soon as we know who the new mission president will be we will send his name to you so you can post it.

Hope things are going well for you and that you have a great 2002!

Love, Sister Zollinger

Daniel Gibby Send Email
BYU alumni in Brazil 22 Nov 2001
My name is J. Clovis Lemes, a Bishop of the Church in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I visited your website today.

I was chosen with my wife to inaugurate and be the chairs for the next three years for the BYU Brazilian Alumni Chapter. Brother Reid Robison at BYU is my contact on this.

I am also the Official Representative for the State of Utah in Brazil. we are very excited about the opportunity of blessing the many lives of saints in Brazil, who did not have a chance of good education (many missionaries, as you know, return from the mission to their very poor life, without a chance of find a job because of lack of sufficient education). I would like to contact as many BYU alumni in Brazil as possible who would like to volunteer for this great cause. Wonder if you, through your contacts could help.

Anyone interested can contact me, as follows:

Jose Clovis Lemes
Rua Mendonca Uchoa, 122
02758-030 - Sao Paulo - SP
Tels.: (55-11) 3266-8164 / 287-9557
Fax: (55-11) 3266-7875
Daniel Gibby Send Email
Message from the President 10 Nov 2001

Message from the President

Pres. & Sister Zollinger
Welcome to the Brazil Ribeirão Preto Mission

We are more than a group of young people--missionaries. We are warriors of righteousness carrying the gospel to the people of the interior of the state of São Paulo (five cities in Minas Gerais and a city in Mato Grosso do Sul also) so that all may be prepared for the second coming of Christ. We are in number approximately 180. We are one third part brazilian; the rest are americans. There are more or less 18 Sister missionaries. The legacy we have received from past missionaries who taught the priciples of the gospel with such fervor that few could negate the Spirit touching their hearts. We fight to pass on this legacy to those who are arriving to participate in the battle. Now the fruits of those past missionaries are the leaders and members of eleven stakes and one district with whom we are baptizing, retaining, and activating in a balanced effort to bring salvation to all. Our families and friends are praying for our success. We are grateful and humbled for the miracles that take place every day. Your participation and support make a difference! Please, continue to be our companions in this marvilous adventure by way of this web page.
Daniel Gibby Send Email
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