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Capoeira at the U of U 12 Feb 2005
I don't normally post messages like this to the website but I thought people would be interested so here it is.....

My name is Josh Paulsen and I am the Marketing Director for Kingsbury Hall
at the University of Utah. We have some events approaching that I think
will be of interest to past missionaries of Brazil. I was on the site that
you maintained and thought this would make great news for your message
board. The national touring company, DanceBrazil, will perform at Kingsbury
Hall February 25. DanceBrazil features some of the best Capoeira dancers
in the world and live traditional music. I have included some information
about the performance below.

In conjunction with the stage production, we are showing a Portuguese film
entitled Ginga about five Capoeristas and their journey from Brazil to the
Joyce Theatre in New York City. This film is open to the public and free of
charge. The details of the film screening are also contained below. The
film has English subtitles.

Finally, be sure to tell all of your mission buddies that if they have a
nametag from a Portuguese speaking mission to wear it to the performance.
We will be handing out free Gaurana (a Brazilian drink) to everyone that is
wearing one. All patrons will also receive a voucher for a free Capoeria
lesson with Brazilian Capoeria!

Please call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of
these items further.

Josh Paulsen
Kingsbury Hall
1395 E. Presidents Circle
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0040
L1. 801-585-1556
Fax. 801-585-5464

February 25, 2005
Time: 7:30 PM
Regular Ticket Prices: $25, $30, $35
How to purchase: 581-7100, or at Rodizio Grill in
Trolley Square

About the DanceBrazil performance at Kingsbury Hall

Is it fighting or is it dance? That’s what the 16th century creators of
this art form hoped you would ask. DanceBrazil will perform Capoeira at
Kingsbury Hall February 25. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance style that
combines martial arts with dance movements. Capoeira has its roots in the
16th century slave cultures of the Portuguese colony, Angola. Forbidden to
learn formal combat, the dancers disguised fighting practice with
traditional African dances. Accompanied by live music, DanceBrazil creates
a culturally rich and entertaining evening. The Brazilian Muse commented
“You could feel the symbolic importance of these human connections, and
how the legacy of slavery was a legacy of survival through connection,
interaction, and support.”

What: Ginga, a documentary about DanceBrazil and Capoeira
Directed by Gustavo Moraes, Portuguese film with English subtitles
When: February 22, 2005
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Where: Utah Museum of Fine Arts
How: Free and open to the public

Kingsbury Hall in conjunction with the Salt Lake Film Center and the Utah
Museum of Fine Arts will host a free screening of the film Ginga, a
documentary about Capoeira dancers and their journey from Brazil to perform
with a professional company in New York City. Capoeira has its roots in the
16th century slave cultures of the Portuguese colony, Angola. Forbidden to
learn formal combat, the dancers disguised fighting practice with
traditional African dances. The timing of this event coincides with the
University of Utah’s Black History month activities. The screening will
take place at 1:00 PM on February 22 at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts,
located at 410 Campus Center Drive on the University of Utah Campus. The
screening is free of charge and lasts about 1 hour. Kingsbury Hall will
host a drawing at the screening for a prize package that includes premium
tickets to DanceBrazil and dinner for two at Rodizio Grill, the Brazilian
Steakhouse located at Trolley Square.

About the film: Through the years, many of DanceBrazil’s company members
have come from the ranks of Jelon Vieira’s community-based capoeira
program in Boca do Rio, Brazil. Ginga is a documentary about five of these
young adults who were selected to come to the United States and perform
with DanceBrazil. In the film, Director Gustavo Moraes follows these
engaging performers from rehearsals in Brazil to the Joyce Theater in New
York City, and then catches up with them two years later. Moraes
wonderfully captures their desire to become accomplished performers and
capoeiristas, their dreams of coming to America, their expectations,
anxieties, frustrations, and tenacity—and their absolute thrill of
finally being onstage.
Cade Hoff Send Email
Elder (Jorge) Lima 21 Jan 2005
Se voce era um companheiro de Elder Jorge Lima que recentemente faleceu, manda um email para a noiva dele. O nome dela e' Fatima e ela gostaria conhecer todos os companheiros de Elder Lima e talvez pessoas que o conheceram. O email dela e':

Obrigado pelo attencao.
Steven R Barnes Send Email
Morte de Elder Lima. 05 Jan 2005
Elder Lima ( Jorge) que serviu missao entre dez 2001 a nov 2003 foi morto nas primeiras semanas de dezembro de 2004, ainda nao se sabe a causa, a maneira pela qual ele foi morto foi horrivel, quem o fez nao queria deixa-lo vivo.
Sentimos muito pelo o que aconteceu, a familia dele esta bem agora.
Sem mais

Eduardo Capobianco ''CAPO"
Eduardo Capobianco Send Email
Jorge Lima 04 Jan 2005
In response to the previous posting about Jorge Lima: I heard that he was acting as a security guard at an orphanage in Sao Paulo when it was being robbed and he was shot. I heard it only through the grape vine so the details could be a little off. He was a great guy.

Em resposta da mensagem a respeito Jorge Lima: Eu ouvi que ele estava como seguranca numa orfanato em Sao Paulo equanto alguem estava o robando e ele foi atriado. Eu ouvi somente voz a voz entao as detalhas talvez nao estao completamente correto. Ele Era eu grande Homem.
Steven R Barnes Send Email
Novidades Triste 29 Dec 2004
I heared that Elder Jorge Lima died in his home of São Paulo does any one have any details. Let me know.

Ouvi que Elder Jorge Lima morreu na casa dele em São Paul alguem tem detalias. Quero saber.
Jake Petersen Send Email
Updates on Sao Caetano, Dias D'Avila and Pojuca 28 Nov 2004
Went back to Salvador in Aug 2000 with a buddy and again in Oct 2004 with my wife. We visited Sao Caetano, Dias D'Avila and Pojuca so let me know if anyone wants an update on these cities.
Daniel Foster Send Email
Meu Casamento 29 Oct 2004
Saibam todos que amanhã (30/10/04) estarei casando com Mariane Sanches, a mulher mais maravilhosa do mundo!

Mandem notícias para

Thiago Roque

Send news to
Thiago Agostini Roque Send Email
elder Marques 30 Aug 2004
Oi gente servi como Elder Marques de 93 a 95 e gostaria de saber noticias dos seguintes Elderes: Camargo, moore, R. Ferreira, Faria,
e todos que serviram comigo an missão. Por favor escrevan-me. meu e-mail é .
Luiz Fernando Marques Send Email
Passport 23 Aug 2004
While I haven't had a chance to get back to Brazil, in general, you are able to travel internationally with just your passport. The stamp in it is good for a certain number of days as a visitor. You only need a visa if you are going to reside, work, study, etc.
Joseph C Windham Send Email
Pergunta 22 Aug 2004
Hi pallyboys and girls!

My wife and I plan to visit Bahia next summer and I'm wondering what is required for her to get there. Would it just be a Visa and that's it? For those of you who have returned to the 'terra santa' with your respective spouse would you mind lending me some info on this? Thx!
Joseph R Hancock Send Email
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