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Mama Lydia 06 Jun 2007
Can anyone help me get in contact with Lydia Maxwell? She got married and moved from Fresno to Porterville I think, but I can't get ahold of her. Thanks!
David Thomas Gray Send Email
President Linnell 04 Jun 2007
Anyone have current contact info and/or recent update on President Linnell?
Marc G. Ottinger Send Email
lost friends 01 Apr 2007
I am looking for the where abouts of Curtis Turnbull, Rick Meadows, and Rodney Montierth, all from the Pres. Christensen/Pres. Linnell era. If anyone has any information about these lost friends, please let me know.
Todd F Barr Send Email
alumni I can't contact 13 Mar 2007
Here's the list of alumni whose contact methods on the site didn't work. Please contact any if you can to let them know about the reunion. Also, if there are any who have never registered on the site, I didn't even attempt to contact them, so do what you can there too. Thanks!! :)

Andrew Burkhardt
Anika Donaldson Williams
Blair Miller Hasler
Brent Pace
Brett Petersen
Bryan James Hall
Byron Harris
Candida Marie Hayes
Chad Sillitoe
Chris Sparks
Curtis (Levi) Pardon
Daniel Foster
Daniel Holley
David Hansen
David Raymond
Dennis John White
Don Kidd
Felicia Wallace
Gregory Dee Fielding
Heather Kelley
Hripsime Wright
Jack Nicolls
Jacob Peterson
James Arlo Vance
Janae Yaede Daines
Jared Conte
Jason Lilya
Jeffery Mark Washburn
Jennifer Hogan
Jeremy Spring
Jilliane Yawney
Jim Schilling
Joshua Clark
Joshua Smith
Justin B. Larsen
Karl Isaac Norman
Karl Krehbiel
M. Wade Backer
Michael Weiler
Nephi Hardman
Paul Marker
Richard Marwedel
Richard Watson
Rosstonn Lee Nielsonn
Ryan Penrod
Samantha Vander Heide
Samiuela Toluta'u
Scott Raevsky
Sean McDonald
Seth Wilks
Shawn Johnson
Stephen Carroll
Steven VanBallegooie
Tharrel Romriell
Trenton Christensen
Troy Burton
ulises lopez
Vicky Biddulph
Zachary Bruce Andrew
Nikki Goodson Send Email
Friden Reunion head count 13 Mar 2007
If you were a missionary during Pres. Friden's time, you hopefully received an email from me this past weekend asking for an RSVP for the upcoming reunion.

There were some alumni who did not have an email address in their profile, and a large number of alumni who had outdated addresses that were returned to me! If you know how to contact any of these alumni, please pass the message on to them. I will include the list of alumni in a separate message.

Here's the message to be passed on:
I’m Nikki Goodson (formerly known as Hermana Clark), and I volunteered to help out the Fridens with getting a head count for the upcoming Fresno California mission reunion. It will be on Friday, March 30, 2007, which is the evening before General Conference. President & Sister Friden are still trying to schedule the building, but they are thinking the reunion will be in Utah County, hopefully in Orem. We will begin at 7 p.m., mingle, and hear a short message from the Fridens. My family & I are planning on flying out there from Kansas City, and hopefully you’ll be able to make the journey out too!

I need some info from you:
1. Are you planning on coming?
2. If you are coming, how many people will be coming total from your family?
3. If you know any RMs whose email addresses are not correct on the website, please forward the address to me or forward this email to them.

I’ve sent out invites before, and I know just how difficult it can be to get responses. So, please Please PLEASE respond, even with just a quick “yes” or “no” if you don’t have time for more details than that.

You can email me back at . Thank you!!

Hope to see you soon!
Nikki (Clark) Goodson
Nikki Goodson Send Email
Reunion 08 Mar 2007
The reunion will be on Friday THE 30th, and not the 31st, as we previouly posted. We are still in the need of help from those that will be attending. We will be holding the reunion in Utah County, hopefully in Orem as we are trying to schedule a building. We would like to get a count of how many are coming so we know what to plan for. Any that are interested we would appreciate you dropping us an e-mail to help in our planning.

President and Sister Friden
William D. Friden Send Email
Mission Reunion 28 Feb 2007
We will be having a reunion the Friday night before April Conference. The date is March 31st and we will have more information posted in the next week or so. We could use some assistance with organizing it for any that are interested our e-mail address is


President and Sister Friden
William D. Friden Send Email
Friden reunion this April? 24 Feb 2007
I've been dying to go to a reunion for a long time. I've only been to one: the October right after I came home in 2002. Finally this year, I think it'll work out that we could make it, yet there's no news here about a Friden reunion. Is anyone working on it? Will there be one?

Thanks! Hoping to see some of you soon!
Nikki :)
Nikki Goodson Send Email
Blackburn Sealing 30 Dec 2006
Keith and Jennifer Blackburn will be sealed on the 13th of Jan. in the SLC Temple at 11 am. If you would like more infomation so you can attend, please contact me at:
Amanda Starr Conner Send Email
Blackburn Sealing 30 Dec 2006
For all of those who served in Kerman, California and knew Keith and Jennifer Blackburn...
Jennifer entered the waters of baptism last December and will be going through the Fresno Temple on the 6th of Jan. to recieve her endowment. They will be sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple on Saturday the 13th of Jan. at 11 am. If you would like more info so you can come, please contact me!!!
Sister Conner
Amanda Starr Conner Send Email
Lost Elders 28 Dec 2006
And now for another missing missionary request . . .
Has anyone heard from, or does anyone know of the whereabouts of one Vernon Nathan Huddleston from Pineville, LA; and/or one Jeremy Jackson from Layton, UT (if I remember correctly)? They both were companions of mine waaaaay back in '93 and '94. I haven't seen their names on any of the Mission Websites that have been in existence since I returned home in '95.
Sean Toler Send Email
Looking for Elder Day 30 Nov 2006
I am looking for Elder Jeremiah Day who served under President Beatson. If anyone knows how to get ahold of him or where he is please let me know. Thanks.
Mike L Ashcraft Send Email
Looking for Elder Day 28 Nov 2006
Does anyone know where I might locate Elder Jeremiah Day. He served mostly under Beatson and a little under Friden. He was originally from Tennessee. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him please let me know.
Mike L Ashcraft Send Email
Locater 22 Oct 2006
I am trying to get in contact with Elder Aaron Youngberg. If anyone knows how to contact him please let me know.
Jake D. Schnakenburg Send Email
Reminiscing 28 Sep 2006
Ok, Michael Burge started it. Thrifty Ice cream was good, but who remembers Sandwich By the Inch in Modesto? If anyone is living in the Provo area there's a sandwich shop on Center Street in Provo called Sensuous Sandwich which was incidentially started by a friend of the owner of Sandwich By the Inch.

The Elders & Sisters of President Linnell were suposed to have a reunion this September but got postponed till next April. Would anyone in Utah or Salt Lake counties, or anywhere for that matter, be interested in a get together in Provo for lunch?
Fred J. Sandage Send Email
Map of Mapleton Chapel (Reunion Meeting Place) 26 Sep 2006
President Barney's Missionaries,

Here is a link to a Google Map showing the location of the Mapleton chapel where the mission reunion will be held, this Friday, September 29th @ 7:00p. This is the same chapel where all previous reunions have been held.,+Mapleton,+UT&ie=UTF8&z=15&om=1&iwloc=A

Note that the link is all one line with no spaces. If you have trouble with the link, you can go to and type in the address:

31 W. Maple St., Mapleton, UT

Also, once you view the map, you can click on "Get directions" below the search box to type in your address to get turn-by-turn directions.

See Liz Frampton's previous post on this same message board for more information, like stuff you might want to bring.

See you there,

Denver Timothy
Denver Lund Timothy Send Email
Elder Harrison 06 Sep 2006
I am trying to locate an Elder Quincy James Harrison from Michigan. If anyone know how to get ahold of him please send me an email.

Jonathan Alva Send Email
Lost Elders 21 Jun 2006
The Houck missionaries have a reunion coming up in September and we are trying to track people down. Currently I am looking for Daniel Brooks, Micah Carpenter, John C. Brown, Taiana Brown, Darlene Boyson and Keith Card. If anyone knows where these sisters and elders are please email! Thanks.
Jill A Hardee Send Email
Looking for someone 16 Jan 2006
If anyone is in contact with Karl Krehbiel, please let me know his info--we hung out together for about 2 years after the mission, but he recently fell off the face of the earth (as far as I know)--anyways my e-mail address is Thanks!
Jeffery John VanYperen Jr. Send Email
Merry Christmas 11 Dec 2005
Dear Elders and Sisters,

At this special season of the year we would like to wish all of you a very joyous and Merry Christmas!
Please accept this as our Christmas card to all of you as it would be impossible to send cards to everyone. We hope you find happiness and great satisfaction in giving and serving others during this coming year and especially at this time. That is the message of our Lord and Master and that is how He spent His life. May we always be true and loyal to Him by keeping His commandments and serving as He would serve.
We love you and send our very best wishes during this Christmas season,

President and Sister Friden and Family
William D. Friden Send Email
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