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President Christensen's address 30 Nov 2004
I just got off the phone with Sis Christensen and she asked me to post their address.
Roger and Elaine Christensen
2568 E Sego Lily Dr. Sandy UT 84092
Alisha Diane Beckstrom Send Email
Espi is lost 26 Nov 2004
Anyone got an address for Dan Esposito? I would settle for an email address. Please email me.
Sis Jacob
Alisha Diane Beckstrom Send Email
Pres Adress 17 Nov 2004
Do any of you have President's address, I would really appreciate it. If anyone of you want to come to my wedding reception it will be held Dec 18, 7-8:30 at the Weston Id church house. If anyone has that address or want to come write me at thanks!
Jeremy Wayne Ralphs Send Email
PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS and I'm gettin married 17 Nov 2004
Hey this is Elder Ralphs. I was just wondering if anyone knew President C's address so I can send him an invite to my wedding. I want all of you to know that your all invited to my wedding reception that will be held Dec 18 at 7-8:30 at Weston Id church house. If you have any question about the wedding reception or if you have President C's address write me an email at Thanks and I hope to talk to some of you later!

Jeremy Wayne Ralphs Send Email
The Hertzberg Family 28 Oct 2004
I'm not sure if any of you heard, but I'm saddin to say that Sister Angela Hertzberg who was baptized back in 2002 of the HB 1st ward took her life Monday morning in Nashville TN. I have Br. Gary Hertzberg's address if anyone would like it. Contact me to talk if you want
Aaron E McRoy Send Email
kub or constantine 16 Sep 2004
does anyone have charles kubricht or michael constantines phone number? If you do please send it to me by e-mail. thank you
kyle mccandless
kyle taylor mccandless Send Email
current addresses 11 Sep 2004
Once again Sister Pullan has had a few invitations to the Oct 1, 2004 reunion sent back to her because of address.
These are the ones that came back to her
If you are one of these on the list or if you know where one of these are please tell them to get in touch with me. I will send all of the current addresses along to Sister Pullan.
Here is the list:
Timothy James Beacham,
Derrick Bennett ,
Shawn Bluemel
Brian Bowen ,
David Bridges
Jeffrey Brinkerhoff,
Jovino Cagayan,
Ubon Datumma,
Travis Garner,
Ryan Harper,
Matthew Jones,
Jay Larson,
Amon Kailiponi,
Chastity Lima Lave,
Robert Lowder,
Wilford Mauai,
Melody Shields,
Christopher Tialavea,
Nathaniel Von Allmen,
Timothy Vail

please send the information to my e-mail at and I will pass it on to Sister Pullan.
She said to tell you all to send pictures of you and your family especially the new babies. And she said better still bring them withyou.
Vic and Thelda Bohman Send Email
Finding people 02 Aug 2004
Hey McRoy, update your info, I tried to get a hold of you a while back and the number I called was out of date. I don't even know if you are still in Utah or not. Anyways, has anyone heard from Elder Ward ('99-'01)? We were comps for only a week, but it was an awesome week. I'd like to look him up if anyone has any info. Thanks!
William (Bill) Andrus Send Email
donde esta la pachanga?? 30 Jul 2004
I didn't make it to Pres and sister C's homecoming but I hope it was a good time. I'm moving to SlC next week, Where hopefully we can get a football game together.
Congratulations Carter on the baby!!!
John B. Durkin Send Email
Apartment on Garford 27 Jul 2004
I know it has been a while but I am looking for anyone who lived in the apartment on Garford in Long Beach. I am looking for a picture, framed, that I think I left. I have been going crazy looking for it. I just want to know if anyone saw it after me. It was two little girls with sister missionary name tags under an umbrella. Has anyone seen this picture?? Please just let me know so that I stop looking for it-thanks!
Jennifer Matthews Send Email
baby 26 Jul 2004
well the last time some of you saw me I was great with child at the Christensens homecoming and I only had to wait 2 days for the baby. We had her on the 19th at 3:26 pm. Eva Alisha Beckstrom was 7 lbs 10 oz and 20 inches long. She was 3 weeks early and born by C-section after 13 hours of labor and them finally figuring out that she was frank breach which means that hedr heels were by her ears and she was wedged in my rib cage. It was quite a change of pace for a girl who didn't even want pain medication mentioned at the delivery. But in the end both the baby and I are doing well and dad is hoging all the time with her. It is a wonderful thing to live in a time when both mom and baby can survive something that probably would have taken us both 100 years ago. We are very blessed
Alisha Diane Beckstrom Send Email
baby 26 Jul 2004
sorry about the 2 messages
Alisha Diane Beckstrom Send Email
Looking for the Fam Ruiz and Paz 20 Jul 2004
Does anyone have the addresses for the Fam Ruiz and Paz...I HAD their emails but they no longer work AND their cell phones no longer work...HELP!!!
Bret "El Guapo" J Nelson Send Email
Disregard last message 17 Jul 2004
Nevermind, I actually read the mission board. duh?
Lisa Ann Thurston Send Email
Mission Reunion? 17 Jul 2004
Does anyone know about what's going on tonight 7-17=04 with President and Sister Christiansen's Open House? Please Respond ASAP
Lisa Ann Thurston Send Email
I got it! 13 Jul 2004
OK, i finally figured out the msn messanger (spelling). It took a while and i had to creat a new screen name. It is Hit me up for chatting any who want to!! P.S. I also have yahoo and aim. The screen name for both of them is: terrapriest

Does anyone have wedding pics?? I wanna see those wedding pics, especially the wedding dresses! What about baby pics? What is the oldes baby from the CA Long Beach mission? Who's the youngest?

Blessings to all! How was the Christensens reunion? Pics??


Taylor Mitchell Gerovac Send Email
Idea for staying in touch 08 Jul 2004
Granted, this might already be going on with out me knowing about it, but hey i'm blonde, i'm allowed to make mistakes. Would anyone be interested in setting aside one night every month were we could all get on chat and talk to one another? We could do it on like the third thursday of every month or whatever. I am pretty sure that u all have busier scheduals than me right now (still unemployed, it didn't work out) so let me know if you want to chat on here. or chat with me via yahoo messanger or aim: terrapriest


Taylor Mitchell Gerovac Send Email
Life Goes on... 05 Jun 2004
Hey kids, I guess it is time for an update from Heather (Sis. Paul) and I. On May 17th, we had a little boy and named him Tade. Everyone says he looks like me. Poor Kid. Life is flying by for us. Heather is busy doing mom stuff and I am working 2 jobs and doing school full time. This summer we will slow down a bit. I have been offered an internship in Washington DC working for Sherwin-Willams Automotive Finishes, as a part of my Automotive Technology Major. Heather is excited to be home for the summer. I hope everyone is doing well. Drop a line or a note, we would love to hear from anyone.
Jacob Arris Wangberg Send Email
Update on President and Sis. C. homecoming! 04 Jun 2004
President asked me to post this map and new directions because the others were sketchy. Hope this helps. If you have any questions you can contact me at Thanks.

If you are coming to Sandy from the South

• Take I -15 North to the 106th South Exit (turn right).
• Go East on 106th South to 13th East (turn left).
• Go North on 13th East to Sego Lily Drive (this is about ½ mile – it is the first traffic light)
• Turn right onto Sego Lily Drive and go East to 2165 East.
• Turn Left onto 2165 East and go to Gyrfalcon Drive which is 10000 South.
• Turn Left onto Gyrfalcon and you will immediately see the stake center at:
2130 East 10000 South (Gyrfalcon Drive).

If you are coming to Sandy from the North

• Take I-15 South to the 90th South Exit.
• Go East on 90th South. Stay on 90th South and it will curve over to the right and connect onto 94th South.
• Go East on 94th South to Eastdell (approximately 23rd East).
• Go South on Eastdell to 10000 South (Gyrfalcon Drive).
• Go West on Gyrfalcon Drive to the stake center at:
2130 East 10000 South (Gyrfalcon Drive).
John Merris Send Email
Return of Pres. Christensen 26 May 2004
Dear Long Beach Missionaries,

President Christensen and I are in the last few weeks of our mission. We cannot believe we are actually sending you information about our homecoming. We will find it difficult to hand our baby over to someone else, but are excited to return home and to be with our friends and family. That, of course, now includes all of you.

Our homecoming is planned for Sunday, July 18th at 2:50 PM in the Sandy Granite South Stake Center. Our sacrament meeting is the last meeting in the block. As the prophet has asked that there not be open houses anymore, we will not be able to have you in our home after church. Therefore, we have reserved the cultural for the night before--that is Saturday, July 17th at 7:30 PM. We would love to visit with you then and I'm sure you would all enjoy seeing each other.

The address is 2130 East 10000 South (Gyrfalcon Dr.) in Sandy. Use the 90th South exit, or the 106th South exit off of Interstate 15.. Go to 20th east and then make your way to 10000 South. (20th East goes through, many others do not, to 10000 South) We will look forward to seeing you that evening or on Sunday, or at both events.
We will have family staying with us for the weekend, so our home is going to be busy. We hope you'll visit us there another time. We can't wait to hug you and catch you up on the best mission in the church. No escarbes! Stiffy says, "hi", and please, keep praying for us.

Love to all,

Sister Christensen
John Merris Send Email
Reunion 24 May 2004
Does any one know if we are going to have a reunion again?
Erin Eileen Lewis Send Email
Reunion When? 27 Mar 2004
When is the reunion? Where? Info??
Taylor Mitchell Gerovac Send Email
Marriage 23 Mar 2004
Hi You Guys!!

There were some of you that I lost touch with and I am so sad about that! :(

For those of you that knew me (Robyn Shorter), I am getting married May 21, 2004 in the Washington DC Temple!!!!!! :) I am marrying an incredible man that lives here in Roanoke, too! I hope that you all are doing well! I wish you the very, very best everyone. Much love!!

Robyn Shorter Send Email
Hi 14 Mar 2004
Elder Mccowan ( Brian) is engaged to be married to a girl from Logan utah
They have set the date in July.

He is too good ( or so he thinks) to add himeself on this website. So I thought I would let you all know.

Marnie Munk Send Email
gonna have a baby 03 Dec 2003
Expecting our first in August. Never thought I would go to the Christiansen's homecoming 7 months prego. Look forward to seeing you all in April for the reunion.
Alisha Diane Beckstrom Send Email
baby 03 Dec 2003
hello everyone. just wanted to let y'all know that our daughter was born on OCT 26. her name is Malin Aguilar Carter. we are very blessed to have her our lives.
Jared Adam Carter Send Email
Elder Mickelson 04 Nov 2003
This past weekend David Mickelson was returning from a trip to Oregon when somewhere between Boise and Twin Falls they think he fell asleep. His car left the road rolled threw him seventy feet where he landed on his head sustaining severe trauma he was life flighted to Boise where he was kept in the ICU he later in the week had a stroke and went brain dead. His funeral is on this upcoming Saturday.
Brian Klint Rowlan Send Email
To all( or whom it may concern) 20 Sep 2003
To all,

For those that are not able to attend the mission reunion. That live North of Salt Lake City. A few of us were wondering if we got enough
together we could have a dinner or a get together up in the ogden area. If this fits better for you and you would like to join us, Please email me at We are planning a dinner/game night or any other suggestions you have. Do to travel issues for us in this area we felt we could possibly plan something here. Sister Sherman and Sister Sabrina (cant remember her last name) She trained sister Sherman. They are going to be in the area for conference. So they would be able to see you all. Any questions you are welcome to call me also At 801-475-0257.

Sister Marnie Munk
Marnie Munk Send Email
Ximeno Branch 16 Sep 2003
Does anyone know how the Ximeno Branch is doing? La Familia Villavicencio, Hermana Alpizar, etc.
Joshua Haynes Redfern Send Email
baby 11 Sep 2003
we have about 6 more weeks until the due date!
Jared Adam Carter Send Email

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