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howdy 30 Aug 2003
Hi, I just got back from falling off the edge of the world. I don't plan on doing that again but it might happen. I'm not really sure anyone noticed anyway. Well anyway, six weeks ago I went through the blood, sweat and agony of child birth (and it was fun just kidding) I even had an epidural (who said THAT made child birth easier?) I am now happy to say I am the mother of a healthy baby boy. His Name is Nathanael - meaning God has given (and God certainly has) he was named after one of Christ's Disciples who was decribed as one who was "without guile". We hope it isn't all in vain to name him that way. Mother hood is all (and more) that I expected it to be. We are having him blessed on Sept 7th and for all those who wish to come It is at 11:00am in the Lehi 11th ward building on 900 N 700 E. I am hoping to get a message to Sister Pullan to update my info. My proflie is up to date. I would love to hear from just about anyone. Just for an opening to get picked on- those who think marrage is a bad idea, I guess it just depends on who you are, what you expect from it and if you are ready for it. (ready doesn't mean you feel ready neccisarily)I don't have any complaints exept that I feel like I juggler in a crazy circus who doesn't know how to juggle. (and that's only because any BIG change you make in your life will make you feel that way.) Other wise I am enjoying the challenge and happy to be a wife and a Mother. Well, back to work...
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i 25 Aug 2003
I located sister Sherman for anyone that would like information on where she is email me. She will be coming to Utah for Conference with Sabrina (sister from the mission).

Marnie Munk Send Email
Cody and Belnap? 18 Aug 2003
There was an Elder in this mission about 2 or 3years ago whose first name is Cody. Short young man, blonde hair. We received a wedding invitation about 2 years ago and the return address was smudged> Anyone remember his last name a nd a way to contact him?

Also anyone talking to trent Belnap?
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Laurel Sherman 15 Aug 2003
Any one with any information on where Laurel Sherman is It would be greatly appreciated.

Marnie Munk
Marnie Munk Send Email
Info on Char Furia 14 Aug 2003
I don't have a phone # or an address but I do know that she married a Ryan Gray. I hope this will be some help to you.
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Info 14 Aug 2003
I am trying to find Char Furia. She got married last year and was living in Fife, Wa. I can't remember what her married name is and I am trying to get in contact with her. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it. Love, Abigail (Hermana Newlun)
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