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Happy New Year 17 Jan 2010
Dear Friends

I continue to remember fondly my visit and experience with the California Los Angeles mission. I acquired everything that I need to become acquainted with
the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints.

Since I last saw you, we have had another addition to our family, a little girl. This is my nineth grand child and I am praying that all of my children and grand children will grow up to wealthy, healthy, happy, wonderful, kind and gentle, joyous, fine, honest, good people and who
marry and have families of their own and keep up the tradition of happy family life.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and many, many more to come. May I wish you all wealth, health, joy, happiness, goodness, blessings, and delight and pleasentness, and grace, mercy and peace.

As we work to reform the world into a place of peace, and kindness, goodness, health, and blessings, I shall
always keep you in my prayers, in my heart, and in my soul.

I remain your Catholic sister and friend and fellow in
Christ Jesus our Lord.

Yours in Christ,
Dr. Ruth Judith Goldberg Ives D. D.
Universal Life Church
Los Angeles, California
Dr. Ruth J. Goldberg Ives D. D. Send Email
Happy New Year 17 Jan 2010
Happy New Year to everyone at the
California Los Angeles Mission.
I am happy to say that I continue
remember fondly my visits and my
experience with the missionaries,
elders, and lay persons of the
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints.
I acquired all of the educational materials
that I shall need to acquaint myself with the
LDS teachings.

Since I last visited the mission I have been blessed
with an addition to my family, a little girl, Born on December 14, 2010. This my nineth grand child. And
I am praying that they will all grow up to be healthy,
wealthy, happy, godly people, to marry, to be fruitful
and multiply, having many good children of their own
and keep up the tradition.

I hope perhaps at some point in my continuing education to visit Salt Lake City and take a tour of the beautiful temple there. I have a picture of the temple.

In the mean time, may I wish you and all of your
children and grand children and families and friends
a very healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, safe, wonderful, gentle, joyous, pleasant, delightful
New Year, and for many, many years to come. I
hope that you will all continue to receive me as
your Catholic friend and sister and patron
along with my children and grand children and
the other members of my loving family young and old.

As we work in the way of Christ to reform the world into a world of peace and goodness, beauty, lovliness, and kindness, I will keep you ever in my prayers and in my heart and in my soul.

Forever Yours in Christ Jesus,
Dr. Ruth J. Goldberg Ives, and Family
Doctor of Divinity
Universal Life Church
Los Angeles, California
Dr. Ruth J. Goldberg Ives D. D. Send Email
Sister Mallory Hales is coming! 16 Dec 2009
Our 1st gran daughter phoned today telling us of her excitement & gratitude for her call to serve in Spanish-speaking LA. She is also interested in improving our nation's education & served an Internship at a DC think tank. She's very king and thoughtful. We served our Senior Mission in 2004 in nearby CA Annaheim at Fullerton Institute. We love you Mal, er Sister Hales!
Fred R. Hales Send Email
Looking for my Elders 02 Nov 2009
Does anyone know where I can find Elder Tukuafu and Elder Jean Thompson. They baptized me and I'd like to get in contact with them. If so please email me at They served around 2004 or 2005.
Joe Utaatu Send Email
Future Sister :D 03 Sep 2009
Hi, this is future Sister Novoa.

Yesterday (wed sept 2, 09) was one of my best days ever!! i just founded out im going to CLAM! on january 5, 2010... cant wait that date!!!
Ana Novoa Send Email
Missionary referral 04 Aug 2009
I would like to request that missionaries visit Delia Trujillo who is a patient in the Ronald Regan UCLA Hospital. She is 80 years old, quite ill, and has expressed her desire to have someone come and pray with her (and for her). She is Catholic and they have dropped the ball on this. Half the family is Mormon so there is no animosity toward the church and her daughter assures me that she would welcome a visit from the missionaries. She also could use a priesthood blessing. Can you please help? For more information you can contact me at home. My number is: 310 821 8093. Thank you for your help with this.
Sister Diana Roark
Diana Roark Send Email
CLAM 1999-2001 09 Jul 2009
I served my mission in Los Angeles 99-01. Just seeing if there is anyone I know on here.
James Jensen Send Email
Bilingual English-Spanish 30 Apr 2009
Thank You LDS Missionaries:
I received a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish
and I am learning by reading this book at home.
It is my goal to become bilingual English as a Second Language while studying a about Joseph Smith and the other prophets of LDS.

Also thanks to the Elders at the Los Angeles Mission who encouraged me to study family geneology.
Thank you.
Ruth J. Goldberg Ives
Ruth J. Goldberg Ives Send Email
looking for missionary who serve in the year 2004- 24 Feb 2009
ma name is elder tovi but not any more im osaiasi tovi, i serve in da california los angeles mission in the year 2004-2006, i need to find out all the missionary that i serve together with them.
osaiasi tovi Send Email
Found Elders Bailey and Fager! 24 Feb 2009
Hi. I found Elders Brian D. Bailey living in Mesa, AZ and Vance Fager living in Idaho Falls, ID so if any one had them as a missionary companion can find them there. To all other missionaries, keep up the good work!
T L Van Wormer Send Email
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