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Contact me by email 17 Jul 2001
Cami Nelson,
I have been looking all over for your sorry butt. What ever happened to "keep in tought!" Did you die or are you still alive? Please let me know where in YUtah or where in the world are you at, please!!
Saane Matavao Send Email
Reunion Info - President Peterson 06 Jul 2001
As many of you know, President Wayne S. Peterson was recently called to the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy. He has also been called to serve as the 1st Councilor in the presidency of the Europe West Area, headquartered in England. His new assignment will, unfortunately, conflict with the date of this year's reunion. He thought it best that we postpone the reunion until he returns. I will put up more information as I hear about it!
George Vogel Send Email
reunions 03 Jul 2001
Why are all the reunions in Utah?? Being 3000 miles away find it hard to attend and to visit with former companions and friends. Why not have one in Canada for a change or one where all us East Coasters can attend???

Makes sense to me!!!

I think it is because the Uthans are too scared to leave their state!!!
Robert J Korver Send Email
I am a daddy!!! 03 Jul 2001
Owen Robert Korver was born Wednesday June 27 2001 at 6:32pm
He weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 21 inches long.

Can you believe it?? Korver has real posterity!!
Robert J Korver Send Email
Looking for former companions 09 Jun 2001
I am looking for a couple of old companions:
Rodney Arnold, Concord, spring of 1991; Mathew Storey, Walnut Creek, fall of 1991.
Anyone know their whereabouts?
Gavin McKay Douglas Send Email
President Smartt 26 Apr 2001
Hey for those who care-

I think I have found Pres. Smartt's email address, I am validating it as we speak.
I will share with ya'll if it is valid!!!

Robert J Korver Send Email
Just saying hi 23 Apr 2001
Just saying hi to anyone who cares.
Neil Christopher Wickwire Send Email
President and Sister Andrus??? 12 Apr 2001
Did anyone else notice in Elder David B. Haight's talk the reference to president and sister Andrus? Here is a link:,5232,49-1-183-28,00.html

The quote is at the end and says:
"There was a Brother and Sister Andrus from Walnut Creek, California, who had served four missions, and then they were called to go to Zimbabwe and assigned to the district in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. This was their fifth mission.

As they told of the marvelous things that they were able to do in reactivating people, she told a story of how there was a little portable electronic organ in the chapel and how she started showing some of the boys and girls in Bulawayo how to play the organ. There was also a little piano keyboard in another room, and she would have a class where the organ was and another one where this little keyboard was. She would teach these children to play the organ after school. They said they started a temple preparation class in the reactivation process, and before they left they were able to put 28 people on the bus to go from Bulawayo all the way to Johannesburg to the temple, 650 miles away—two days and one night. They said, "We've talked about how we are in our late 70s now—these two old people wandering around in Africa having the greatest period of our lives, the greatest excitement we could have."

Well I thought that was kinda Neat ;-)
Doug J. Grammer Send Email
Oakland is just a memory 03 Apr 2001
Hey everyone from 1998-2000. Just Norton saying hi to everyone. I would be happy to respond to any emails, but i dont check too often. any how, quick up date: I am still married and there are NO kids in sight. I am still going to school full time to be something that is un determined and working full time building houses. Its a cool job, but not in arizona. Its too fricken hot here!!!!! But i wouldn't leave this place for nothin.

Shane Randall Norton Send Email
Calling all Thoroughbreds 20 Mar 2001
I check out the ol' mission web site from time to time and I have heard from a number of old friends lately. FYI - Glenn Dunlap, Randy Warren, Walter Underwood, David Su'a and David Brock are all doing well.

I am curious to see if anyone has heard from the following: Karl Fredrickson, Paul Ploger, Lance Draper, Brad Cordon, Brad Hilton, Brice Jorgenson, Chris Evenson and the ever popular Jeff Julian.

For those of you that may know Sam Trimnal (he also served in Oaktown, but well after those of us that were sent out without purse or script); he is my brother-in-law and I would be happy to update any of you that might want to get in touch with him.
Jim Hungate Send Email
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