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Elias Leon - Castro Valley 23 Aug 2006
Anyone have the contact information for Elias? he was Baptized I think about a year ago. His phone number has changed so I don't have any way to get in contact with him.

Thanks in advance!
Jedediah M Grant Send Email
Locating Elders 23 Aug 2006
I am trying to locate some elders who gave a blessing to my son who was very ill. I want to do this for my son. He was baptized in Dec 2002 and went on his Mission in Nov 2004. My husband and I were baptized May 2005. My son is coming home Nov of this year.

My son had a stroke two days after his birth in April 1980. Sometime in late April or early May 1980, two Elders came to my door tracking in Livermore. I told them of my sons problems and they offered to bless him. I would really like to tell them of my son's recovery and what his life is like now. My son wants to meet them if possible to thank them. Any help would be appreciated.
Laura Anne Higby Send Email
Elder Nye 22 Aug 2006
I was baptized in 1978, but taught by a missionary around 1974-1976. He was a very tall young man with red hair. His name was Elder Nye. I never knew any other information about him. At that time I was not ready to be baptized due to outside pressures. I didn't tell him why, but I did tell him to not contact me anymore. I want to contact him now and tell him I was baptized. I have tried to find him before, but have not had any luck. I thought I'd give this a try. I just want him to know that it was very much due to his influence that I joined the church. I want him to know I'm grateful.
My e-mail address is []. Thanks.
Teresa Jones Send Email
Need email addresses! 16 Aug 2006
Dear wonderful missionaries,
Hello! I am updating my email information as we prepare for the missionary reunion and hope that someone can help me with the following email addresses....
Elder Hung, Elder Landgrave, Elder Crawshaw, Elder Kyle Jones, Elder Sheffield, Elder Roundy, Elder Wilson, Elder Sperry, Elder Howell, Elder Hoxsie, Elder Ellington. Thanks so much!
Robert Lewis Bauman Send Email
Laura White 19 Jul 2006
Does anybody know any contact info for Laura Larsen? (White) I would really appreciate it. You can just email it to me on my page on this website. Thanks.
Eva Maria Gonzalez Send Email
Elder Pyfer's Number 14 Jul 2006
I am trying to get a hold of nate pyfer from logan ut who's the husband of Heather Renshaw
Lee Wayne Bartholomew Send Email
Elder Pisal Touch WHERE!!! 28 Apr 2006
Anyone with Elder Touch infomation please let me know at Thank you
Phirun Ronnie Sam Send Email
reuions not in utah 19 Feb 2006
I agree Robert, even though I live in Utah. I would like to see one in Oakland. Maybe even get the current Missionaries involved. Picnic, softball game, tug-a-war, fireside, temple, I don't know. Good luck.
Neil Swensen Send Email
reunion 18 Feb 2006
OK people the Hill Cumorah reunion has been cancelled due to lack of interest and a misunderstanding by those who thought President Smartt was going to be there. IT was a chance for those who remembered the crazy Canuck (ME) to get together, enjoy the Spirit and show off our families. I will try to plan something again that is NOT in Utah... let's make you guys travel for once.
Robert J Korver Send Email
Mission Reunion 23 Jan 2006
Calling all Sisters and Couples from the Madsen, Andrus, Smart Era. We are organizing a reunion for March 31st (conference weekend). We will be sending out invitations but are currently attempting to locate everyone. If anyone sees this message and may have information on alumni that are not on this site will you please e-mail their info to Melissa Marcov Homan at or Kristin Felix Pickering at

It should be a great time to catch up and reminisce about the memories we made together in Oakland. Please mark it on your calendars and spread the word!

Kristin Pickering Send Email
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