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Hurricane Katrina 31 Aug 2005
Alright you people-

Let's pray for those affected by this devasting storm.
Robert J Korver Send Email
Palmyra Reunion 24 Aug 2005
Bring your families- wives/husbands and kids... let's make it a family affair. I just want to see everyone again and this would beat any cookies and Mormon punch reunion at some chapel in Utah any day.
C'mon- put it on your calendars, start planning and saving.
Robert J Korver Send Email
Come and visit 23 Aug 2005
Anyone from the amazing Smartt era that knows and remembers me.
Here is a brillant idea- next summer in July let's arrange a mini reunion at the Hill Cumorah Pagent (in Palmyra NY). We can tour the Church sites and give you Westerners a chance to feel the Spirit in the Sacred Grove, have a BBQ and then watch the Pagent (an amazing show). There are hotels, motels and a campground nearby (for the more adventurous) so let's start planning.
Anyone interested in this idea please let me know. Contact Robert Korver at
Robert J Korver Send Email
2005 State of the Mission Letter 08 Aug 2005
July 30, 2005

Dear Elders and Sisters of the California Oakland Mission,

We send each of you our love and best wishes! Another July has come and gone! A whole year has passed since our last letter to you. We hope you are well and you are building your lives on the solid foundation you laid while in the mission field.
This has been a busy year in the California Oakland Mission. Since last July there have been 481 new converts in our mission. Many others have had testimonies strengthened and are more fully enjoying the blessings of the gospel in their lives. During the last year our missionaries have worked more than 360,000 pure proselyting hours. Since last year we have said goodbye to 65 elders, 21 sisters and nine senior couples who have departed the mission and welcomed 72 elders, 31 sisters and seven senior couples into the mission. We love each and every one of them!

We said goodbye in February to Elder & Sister Seely and welcomed Elder & Sister Simpson into the Visitor’s Center. We said goodbye to Elder & Sister Thomsen and Elder & Sister Wright in the office and welcomed Elder & Sister Tenney and Elder & Sister Brimhall.

This year we have been blessed by the visits of many general authorities: Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Sister Oaks, Elder Richard G. Scott, and, from the Quorum of the 70, Elders Donald Hallstrom & Quintin R. Cook, and their wives. We were also blessed to participate in a 63-stake regional conference in the ISC in February with President Monson, Elder Eyring and Elder Hallstrom. Elder Oak’s CES talk was broadcast from the ISC. Did you see it and recognize his surroundings? We were so blessed to be strengthened by the testimonies and training of these wonderful servants of the Lord.

Missionary work was significantly helped this year with the “Preach My Gospel” missionary book. It is an inspired and important tool in missionary work. To help us be more organized and efficient, the old blue day planner was replaced by a new 6-week planner Just imagine what a blessing it is!

What else is happening in our mission? Our “Tell Me About Your Family” program is growing in strength and number. The 2nd annual Luau in the Hilltop Wards, the 1st annual Latino Festival in the Spanish wards and branches and the Cambodian New Year Celebration were huge successes. The BYU Ballroom Dance Team entertained and uplifted us all in October. We were all encouraged to exercise with “Go You Chicken Fat Go” in November! Our Christmas Celebration was a spiritual high as we came together for scripture reading, a session in the temple and lunch. The sisters were fantastic in the Visitor’s Center Christmas Eve program and helped over 200 people feel the Christmas spirit. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed in the Oakland Arena in June and our missionaries were there with 500 investigators and recent converts.

The church is true! It is a great blessing in all of our lives. We are led by a prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. We love him! The Book of Mormon and Bible are daily manna from heaven to feed our souls and help us return to our heavenly home. We pray daily for each of you and will always remember the joy we found together in the “place of Mormon” experiences we all had in the California Oakland Mission.

We love you and trust you will remain our “brethren in the Lord”.

All our love,
President and Sister Bauman and Sara

P.S. We are in a constant state of updating our e-mail and other mail records. If you know an e-mail address of any of our missionaries who are not on this list, please e-mail it to us. Thanks!
Robert Lewis Bauman Send Email
Pres Smartt 07 Aug 2005
Has anyone heard from President Smartt? How is he doing? Anyone have contact info for him?
Robert J Korver Send Email
I need to find comps 07 Aug 2005
Skelton- found him
Damon Black (Houston Texas)- anyone know?
Matkin- anyone? Lost contact
Ailshie- I know where he is
Daniel Powell- anyone? For curiosity sake
Chris Thompson- the dummy lost contact with me
Hymas- anyone? anyone? Bueller?
Taaga Young- just curious
Kuhni- Thank Poulsen.. why did you let him hook up with your sis?
Gibby- went to Brazil but still want to know
David Thal- c'mon he has to be out there
Mulipola- Western Samoa somewhere
Camp aka "Camper"- I would like to talk to him
Scott "Gravedigger" Baker- SLC somewhere
"Massa" Hill- he has to be out there in Utah
Perkes and Samsel- the rest of the 3 Amigos

Anyone with anything would help
Robert J Korver Send Email
Want to meet Oldtimers 25 Jul 2005
I served in Central Ca Mission from Oct 72 to Nov 74. I was in San Jose, Salinas, Modesto, the Mother Lode Country, Stockton and Fresno. After I was married I lived in Fresno for 9 years, 86 to 96, it is pretty crime infested now. I am interested in and information about any Missionaries that served during that time, I live in Mapleton Utah, I would be interested in any meetings or reunions, Jim Younklin
James Melvin Younkin Send Email
I got into a school in Indiana 28 Jun 2005
Hey everyone who knew me. It is offical I got into IUPUI in Indiana. I will be going there in the fall. Hey has anyone heard from Sisters Nielsen, Taufa, Seong, Cocker, Larsen and Pao. I just want to know how they are doing. So send me a e-mail.
Sarah Marie Hills Send Email
I'm married to an amazing man!! 16 Jun 2005
Has anybody heard from Sister Hatch? I was her trainer.
Eva Maria Gonzalez Send Email
right back at ya Hek 28 May 2005
I would love to get a hold of a few of them as well. I am also looking for The Camper, Thal, Damon Black, and Mulipola. C'mon people- crawl out of the depths and let's find these people.
Robert J Korver Send Email
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