California Sacramento Mission

President and Sister Ripplinger (1990-93)

the RipplingersPresident and Sister Ripplinger met in a Sunday School in Vallejo, California, where Sister Ripplinger lived and where President Ripplinger served aboard the USS Tuscon. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple and then located in Logan, Utah, where three years later President Ripplinger graduated from Utah State University in Business Administration.

President Ripplinger's work career was in two industries - the computer industry and with the media. He retired from The Standard Corporation(Media) in 1989 where he had been Vice President, Administration and Finance. Sister Ripplinger has been a homemaker and a Church worker. She and President Ripplinger have each served in most of the teaching and leadership positions in their wards and stakes. Since their marrage, they have both anticipated their opportunity to serve as missionaries.

The Ripplingers have five married children-Randy, Jana, Kelly, Kent and Mike.

Be of Good Cheer.

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