California Sacramento Mission

President and Sister Roundy (1993-96)

The Roundy's President Roundy and Sister Sherree S. Spencer were married in 1986, she having lost her husband to cancer in 1981 and he having lost his first wife to cancer in 1985. Although they both grew up in Escalante, Utah, they had both gone their separate ways, having only minimal contact with each other for close to thirty years. Sister Roundy lived most of her married life in Salt Lake City where she raised her children, three boys and one girl. President Roundy has lived most of his married life in Idaho. He has four children, three daughters and one son. After high school, he spend four years in the Navy during the Korean War and served aboard an aircraft carrier. After the service he filled a mission to the Eastern States, with headquarters in New York City. He began teaching seminary in Ashton, Idaho, in 1960 after graduating from Brigham Young University. In 1965 he moved to Hawaii to become chairman of the religion department at the Church College of Hawaii (now BYU-Hawaii). In 1971 he began teaching at Ricks College. From June 1991 to December 1991 he was a visiting professor in Old and New Testament teaching at the BYU Jerusalem Center in Israel. He retired from teaching after thirty-two years in the Church Education System. The day his retirement took effect, July 1, 1993, he became President of the California Sacramento Mission.

Pictures and Information from the Roundys

Picture from the 2004 Mission Reunion. Click here (79KB)

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