California Sacramento Mission

President and Sister White(1984-87)

Norm served in the Air Force for twenty years (1953-73) as a pilot, flying fighters and trainers. In Vietnam he was a Forward Air Controller and an advisor to the Vietnamese Air Force. Retiring in 1973, as a Lt Col, he came to BYU and worked in Instructional Television, Media Marketing, as Telephone Office Manager, and Business Manager at the MTC. Returning from the Cal. Sac. Mission in 1987, Norm worked in the Missionary Department as a contact man with the mission presidents in the British Isles, Europe, Africa, California, and Hawaii.

In 1991 he returned to the MTC as Director of English Training and he taught in the Religion Department at BYU. He is currently an Associate Administrative Director at the MTC. . Norman's Church callings include: seminary teacher, scout master, branch president, district president, MTC branch president, bishopric, high councilor, stake presidency, mission president, etc. Currently he serves as president of the BYU 16th Stake. Education: BA (BYU); MA (Texas Tech Univ.); M.Ed. (BYU); Ed. D. (BYU).

Kay has been a full time mother and homemaker for seven children. An eternal student, she studied voice, painting, and other interests. For several years, Kay enjoyed teaching aerobic dance and selling her paintings. In 1994, she earned a BA in history from BYU with an emphasis on community and family history, and she is still taking classes. Kay's Church callings include: Ward Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society president, counselor, and teacher. Additionally she has served on the Church Hymnbook Committee, MTC instructor, and Lambda Delta Sigma Advisor, etc. Currently she serves as Stake Relief Society President.

Norm and Kay's Family





Kim Skinner Accountant Albuquerque four dau
Jon M. White Advertising SLC two sons, two dau
Robin Knudsen Homemaker. Community volunteer SLC four sons, one dau
Robert M. White BYU Philosophy teacher SLC two sons, two dau
Paul M. White HRD, Trust Co of the West West Valencia, CA one son, two dau
Eric M. White Advertising SLC three sons
Norman M. White Attorney SLC two sons, one dau

The most significant things that happen to us are family things. We also love Church history. Our mission, however, is a highlight in our lives. We were called to preside over the California Sacramento Mission in 1984. At the time, we had four unmarried sons, but only our youngest, Norm, and our dog, Stanley, accompanied us. California Sacramento was particularly meaningful to us, since we had been stationed there in 1962-1965, and two of our sons were born during that time.

We loved the work. We cherished our association with dedicated, valiant missionaries, and with the great Saints, from nineteen stakes, who supported our efforts. Happy and sad challenges occurred in our family during those three years, but we were carefully guided and directed. The marvelous work, however, went forth and enough people were baptized to populate a large stake of Zion. It has been our great privilege and blessing to be actively involved in the missionary program on a daily basis for more than twenty years. We are truly grateful for this and express our heartfelt thanks.

The Whites, 1st Nov 1997.

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