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Hello 20 May 2005
Hello to everyone. How are you? I actually served in the Taiwan Taipei Mission from March 2001 until Decmeber 2002 but I was browsing at other missions and stopped by the Cambodia Phnom Penh one. I am from Long Beach, California, home to Little Phnom Penh, and home to a great population of Cambodian people of course =) I have been to Cambodia once and will be heading back this upcoming August for a few weeks to visit more places and check out the branches there. Cambodia is an awesome place and am glad to have the opportunity to visit. I would like to say great job to everyone for all the work you all have done there in all aspects. I just wanted to send a little message to say that and to let you know you all are awesome. Keep up the marvelous work and a wonder! Much love and respect.
Ryan Send Email
cambodian-french members 04 May 2005
Hi this is Sister Sim again. Sorry, the e-mail I left last time was not correct. I hope this one will work. I really hope I can get in touch with any cambodian, or cambodian speaking members that live in France, or nearby. If you are one of them, please let me know, because you could help me in missionary work. Thanks so much!!!
sister sim Send Email
I need some info. 06 Apr 2005
I'm a student at BYU and I'm looking for information on sapphire production in the far east. If anyone from this mission knows members or others in Thailand or other parts of asia who have connections to this industry would you please help me get in touch with them.
Thank you.
Jared Woolstenhulme Send Email
Williams is a swaa! 05 Apr 2005
word up to the homie shorter than the cambodian :)
Kendrick Som Send Email
Hey.. pretty sweet I GUESS.. 02 Apr 2005
Just wanted to say hi to everybody.. Haven't been the greatest at keeping in touch with anybody.. just the guys who live close to me and all.. Hope the mission is going well and everyone is still alive! I'm thinking of going back to Cambodia in the summer, if any one is interested and want to go with me that would be cool.. So let me know if your down. I'm not married nor plan on it anytime soon so yea it would be a good time to go. Nice travel log ashby u were such a lovely Elder.. can you sing us a song?? Just playin.. Take care everyone..

Patrick.. Elder Williams.. short handsome one!
Patrick williams Send Email
Marvelous Work 22 Mar 2005
How thrilling and exciting to read of the Church in Cambodia! I served in Boston (Cambodian Speaking) from 92-94 and was actually with Elder Jamie Hipwell my last couple of months. Within days of returning from my mission, I got the phone call that Cambodia had been opened up for full-time elders and that he would be going. I had the privilege of teaching in the MTC from 94-97 while at BYU and training many of those first missionaries. It is such a joy to see how the work is growing there! I can think of nothing better to help salve the wounds that will probably always be present from the Khmer Rogue years and their aftermath. I recently received my copy of the completed Cambodian Book of Mormon. You don't know how awesome it is to finally see that after all of these years of waiting for it to be finished. Please keep me posted on any great news. (And feel free you natives to send me some recipies! My favorites are banh chow, slaa kree, yao hahn, and of course brahok! :o) ) Som aakun!
Troy Salisbury Send Email
Wanted: Amazing Mission Stories 23 Feb 2005
Searching for amazing mission stories! Do you have an
> experience too good to be kept to yourself? Submit it
> for a chance to be published in our upcoming book
> Mission Tales. Email your story to
> We are currenlty accepting submissions in all subject
> categories.
Lisa Williams Send Email
cambodian stuff... 09 Feb 2005
hey ya'll, it's me, elder som (the one, and until i hear otherwise, the only). if you're lookin' for information, recipes, and other junk, please don't hesitate to contact me... i'm like the only one now who tries to keep in contact with everyone... me and kramer still hit it up oft and i've hooked up with the coltons, ponds, smiths, and other couples since. but i'm still here for ya if you need me... btw, i am NO LONGER ENGAGED... if that's what's been flowing through the grapevine...
Kendrick Som Send Email
bannana stuff & rice stuff 28 Jan 2005
hey all, i have a question. dose anyone know how to make jakeathe (the bananna tapioca stuff)? and by thnoub (the rice stuff you cut in squares and eat, its really sweet. if anyone can hook me up, you will be my hero.
bennny haha Send Email
looking for cambodian members in France 28 Jan 2005
i'm sister sim, I live in France but i'm originally cambodian. I joined the church almost 3 years ago, and would like to know how many cambodian members can be found in France? If you have any informations about that, please e-mail me, I'll be forever grateful!
sister sim Send Email
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