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CTR ring 16 Nov 2004
I am inspired by the pictures and the messages from members and missionaries of Cambodia. One of the best friends I have ever had served his mission in Cambodia. He talks of it often. He brought back a few reminders of his time there. One is a CTR ring designed in the Khmer language.

Recently this ring was badly damaged. The memories and the people assosiated it with it mean so much that he continues to wear it despite its condition. (It is bad). Can anyone tell me how we could get a new ring for him? I'm afraid this one is beyond repair. I would be grateful for any help you can give me.

The growth of the church in Cambodia is a testimony to its truthfulness. God bless you all.
C Newman Send Email
Hi All 19 Oct 2004
Hi all my friends.
Wow, How should I need to express the happiness for this such wonder website that allowed me a chance to meet with some of my friend.It's wonderfull to catch this website. Brother Sorber Thanks for all of your great work for Cambodia. The Church been lighterning for the increasing of the membership and Branches. Right now we have about 7000 members already , we have Branches in the North District Kampong Cham 1, KC2, KC3, 2 -7-8-12 , South District 1-4-5-9-TaKhmao-Kean Svay -(Battambaong Branch [under the mission area]), Central District 3-6-10 ,in soon we will have one more District for Kampong Cham Area Province , and Sen Sok Branch in the North District. It wonder full that we have 3 DTs and a mission.
It amagine to look back the membership in the year 1994 Sep, that been start with afew 4-5 members.
Thanks again for this website.
Vy Send Email
Thank you 10 Jul 2004
My name is Nathaly and I'm from little island in the Carribean sea, from Cuba. I had a big blessing and honor to be a pioneer in my island...Now we have more than 50 members...Right now I'm studying and living in Hanoi. I would like to thank president David J. Towers for his help when I was looking for other members here in Hanoi. I'm very happy because I have an opporutniy to leran the vietnamese language and be here in Asia.
I would like you to receive a big hug of all sisters and brothers from Cuba.

My e-mail adress is:

Sister Nat
Nathaly Arias Send Email
David from BYU-H 03 Jun 2004
Hi I am a Cambodian student in BYU Hawaii
David Aat Send Email
comments 13 May 2004
Just a thank you to Joe Ashby and Klint Johnson! My Son Gerret Montgomery is a missionary in Cambodia now and loves it! It is fun to listen to people who have been there in the past and to get their first hand comments about how the church has grown there. My son says that they want to build another "Stake Center" there but are telling the members there that they need to attend all three meetings and pay their tything before they can. The work is going forth and the people are good to the missionaries. Thanks for your comments. Ann
Ann Montgomery Send Email
The Work is progressing! 27 Apr 2004
I was one of the first missionaries to step off of a plane and preach the Restored Gospel in Cambodia. When I arrived the church had 20 native members in the country and we had only one branch, lead by President Ohya (a Japanese International Corporation Agency employee, who was an Elder from Japan). My first two companions had stepped off the plane only four months before to a country with only one native member. I taught the first Sunday School lesson ever in the country (we had a two hour block for the first year), and I witnessed over 200 accept the gospel in that first year, with an average of only 8 proselyting missionaries during that first year (I had served my first year in Stockton, CA speaking Cambodian and, therefore, spent only one year in Phnom Penh). It was an amazing experience that seems just like yesterday.

I have been back to visit only once (for only four days) and I hope to return in the near future, depending upon my situation. The church was large then (just three years ago), but it is absolutely huge now. I am so grateful for the update and for the work that all of you have helped press forward. I truly am grateful to have been a part of this work in Cambodia and I am grateful to all of you who went before and will come afterwards. This Gospel is the greatest thing that this world has ever seen and it is wonderful to hear of all your testimonies and the love that you have for the Cambodian people. They are surely being blessed daily by this administration of the Holy Preisthood. Keep the faith.

Thank you.
Klint Johnson Send Email
ashby i love you 20 Apr 2004
Mr. ashby like our great brethren Brother Som, i to loved your insight on cambodia. thank you for the update. i to am currently saving and i hope in the next 5 yrs i will have enough time and money to go. you are the man, thanks ben
Ben Cloud Send Email
Thanks Ashby... 20 Apr 2004
that was a wonderful and informative travelog. i'm hoping to go back myself soon enough, this only makes me more anxious!

Kendrick Som
Kendrick Som Send Email
forgot 19 Apr 2004
Oh! Membership is up to 6000 now!
Joe Ashby Send Email
Visit to Cambodia 19 Apr 2004
Last week, I visited Cambodia for the first time since my mission release in August of 2002. It was an amazing and gratifying visit. I met with President Towers for a good hour (at least) and the mission is flourishing very well. He is an outstanding mission president and has a great handle and ease about things. The trek to becoming a stake is still a distance, but it is growing closer everyday---even as soon as 2-3 years. Of course, they still need more Melchizedek Priesthood members, more tithe payers (though, there are more than before), and especially a more needed desire by the Cambodian leaders themselves to strive for a stake to be established. Upon my visit, I saw a resounding Khmer- leader- presence in the presiding of the church services in the branches, with Elders being a background and Senior Couples attending an International Branch held at the Stake Center. The Stake Center is beautiful---and it is as close to being as big as the smallest mini-temple. The members love it and see it as a refuge from the impoverished world (talk about scriptures coming to life). It was neat to see a lot of retention of many members who were batpized in the 2000-2003 mission years of various Elders. It was also neat to see return missionaries (especially khmer sisters) play such an important part in various callings of the branch. One example is Vannak Roac. She taught an awesome Gospel Doctrine class in 11th branch (she once served in Fresno). The economy of Cambodia is improving ever so slightly---i.e. roads being paved right and left; a road to Battambong being paved (making a trip only 3-3 1/2 hours--only 20km left to be paved); more foreign businesses present; more recreation; more cars than before; etc. These things might not be as noticed by someone who is living there. There are 17 branches total now (14 Khmer, 3 Vietnamese). There are 2-3, soon to be four branches in Kampungcham, soon to be a district any day now. There is a branch of 60-70 in Battambong. There is a branch in Kiang Svay, the Goose Pit, and some other new branch. These are things recently done since my departure. There are two Khmer districts (north and south--done a while ago). There is also a translation of Doctrine and Covenants/Triple Combination soon to come out no later than early 2005. There are 8-9 Senior Couples total, 92 missionaries total (18 being sisters--9 native/9 American), 32 Khmer missionaries serving outside the country set to come back within the next year or so. There is so much more. By the way, the sister missionaries are happy and hard working. I was able to meet a batch of them. Elders can now proselyte in companionships until 8:30pm. Sisters have a slightly earlier curfew. The days of Senior Couple escorts and 6:30 curfews are passed. It is amazing to think how much safer it has become. The LDS service center is going strong with a translation department and various materials being sold there. There is also an employment center within the stake bulding as well as CES classrooms. For more details on the stake building, e-mail Sister LeFevre. It does have a beautiful chapel, basketball court, kitchen, and many classrooms.
I hope this helps you and I encourage you all to save a little and make a visit. The members love seeing a familiar face and you will be happy with the growth of the church. Take it easy. Joe Ashby.
Joe Ashby Send Email
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