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Steelers 11 Feb 2006
To the guys from the Winwood era: They did it! They finally did it! Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XL Champions!!!
Dustin Paul Shepherd Send Email
J. SCHAUGAARD 09 Feb 2006
Does anyone know where to find Jacob Boone Schaugaard? I am from NF and am living in Utah.
Thanks, Jenn
Jenn George (Klenk) Send Email
addresses for wedding invintations 26 Jan 2006
I need to get some member addresses from members in Liverpool and Yarmouth. I would also like to get an address for Darrell and Mellissa Westhaver as well. Can someone please email me those addresses ASAP? I would appreciate it.
Ian Patrick Fitzgerald Send Email
Lets do something 23 Jan 2006
Just wanted to know if there are any missionaries that served in the years of 1996-1998 that live in arizona that would like to get together let me know.
Craig Alan Nelson Send Email
Just a quick note 18 Jan 2006
I don't like the fact that Tim Bell and I hang out any more than he does.

But yes, that street contacting we did in Moncton on the -10 degree night earned us something extra. Tim and I both did WAY better than what we should have done on looks alone.

I also would like to hear how the Newfoundland branches are doing. If anyone has any word then post it.
Cameron Brown Send Email
Member search 12 Jan 2006
I was wondering if anyone happen to know of a member in Deer Lake Newfoundland by the name of Lillian Gillard. It has been a few years since I talked to her last and wondered if anyone had any recent news on her where abouts. I have tried old e-mail addresses but get no answer. Any info would help.

Thanks Jared Clark
Jared R. Clark Send Email
I'm a loser, sorry 03 Jan 2006
I do a lousy job of keeping in touch with the great souls I met in the mission field. Among others, I want to say "hi" to Hofmann, C Larsen, "Lance", and Kelly Reynolds, and hope you can forgive my slothfulness.

I'd love to hear how Bay Roberts is doing. I've got contacts in all my other areas that keep my informed, but the fate of the little flock on the rock escapes me.

If anyone wants updates on *cringe* Cameron Brown, I'm still in touch with him regularly; also Jordan Hennefer since he married my neighbor.

How am I doing you ask? Graduated from SUU, married a beautiful girl (I always said tracting in the rain would pay off), have a 1 year old daughter Jacie, and do I.T. for Zions Bank. Living in West Jordan. Love you all! email me or something! ya you!
Timothy Lynn Bell Send Email
Looking for a memeber 11 Dec 2005
I am looking for Judy Lamb, who use to live in truro?? She was a member, and might be an inactive. Does anyone know of her or where she is, please let me know.
robert anthony mccormick Send Email
Danny Little 05 Nov 2005
Hey everybody,
I just thought that I would let you know that I am finally getting married....Anyways I am looking for the email address of Danny Little. He was a member in Bridgewater. I would appreciate it if anyone has his address..

John Douglas Bly Send Email
trying to find 01 Nov 2005
howdy...trying to locate alicia olmstead, my old companion. any help would be great.

thanks....denise (sproul) demers
Denise Marie Demers Send Email
Finding 21 Oct 2005
I'm looking for some creative finding ideas. All you can give me is helpful. Thanks
Brigham A. Bice Send Email
David McGill Family Amherst 20 Oct 2005
Do any of you know what became of the McGill Family. They lived in the Amherst area when I served in 1983. If you do please contact me at
Blae E Hansen Send Email
Hoff dog 18 Oct 2005
I see all my companions on the site except Elder Hoffman. Served around 97-99 under Christensen. Anyone heard what he's been up to?
Jared Randall Anderson Send Email
Looking for a member 16 Oct 2005
I am trying to get in contact with Maryann Hodgkinson who used to live in Charlottetown, PEI. I believe she is living in the Halifax area. Her and her husband (Chris) are divorced now and am wondering if she has gone back to her maiden name, Dewolf. If anyone knows where to find her info, please e-mail me back at
Kya Lynnette Woodruff Send Email
Old Companions 06 Oct 2005
I am looking for a couple of my past companions that have not registered on this site yet. I served from 83 to 85 under Pres. Hassel and am looking for Steven Wintch who was from Utah and while on his mission his folks moved to Alaska so that is where he went home to.
I also would love to find Eugene Mullens who was from Southern California and used to clean the streets of Disney Land and was 28 while serving with me in Dartmouth. I used to call him grandpa as a joke because he was the oldest missionary in the field.

Any information at all would be appreciated, I can be reached at
Marty Smith
Marty Man Smith Send Email
Melissa Wilson 27 Aug 2005
Hey Everyone,
I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with finding a Sister Melissa Wilson?? If I remember correctly, she served from 1999-2000, mostly under Prez Christensen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Kiel Seymour
Kiel Seymour Send Email
hi 13 Aug 2005
My name is Jerrie Blalock i served a mission in 1985-1986. I was going through some old boxes and found some old photo's of my misson, they brought a smile to my face so I thought that I would say hi. I came from Mississippi to Canada, Oh my what a difference...
jerrie blalock Send Email
visit 11 Aug 2005
i just returned from the mission, and it was fantastic. Some of the areas i served are still the same, but others have really grown. Anyone interested in the bridgewater, halifax, charlottetown areas, drop me a line.. I can't wait to go back again.
Matthew Anderson Send Email
Where abouts? 06 Jul 2005
Hello, does anyone know or remember Merna and Anders Olsson from Liverpool, Nova Scotia? They moved to Okatoks, Alberta back in 1995, and lived there for awhile, and I think a few years back moved to Toronto, but I have no idea where to.

I have lost touch with them, and would like to contact them. If anyone has an e-mail, or mailing address or anything they can give me, please e-mail me.

Adam Michael McCune Send Email
How we all doin 30 May 2005
Hey greetings to all past acquaintances ,and companions. Just wanted to send out a message and wish and hope everyone I have come across is doing well and seein much success in their lives and also in there families lives also. I have not been in touch over the past few years with those who I have come into contact with and my apologies in so.
Please feel free to drop me a line , and definately I would love to keep in touch and hear from all those who know me and have come in contact with me. Well I must close , until then take care to all my friends and past companions.......

Dan (Danno) Bowen Send Email

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