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Active or not? 04 Apr 2005
I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if any of the following people that I baptized are still active and if anyone knows how I can get in contact with them? Edward Hodinott from Dartmouth, Rebecca Courapi from Presque Isle, or Rose Margisson from Presque Isle? I would also like to get in touch with the Gidney family from New Germany, NS. Thanks a million.

PS: Hello to all ya'll that know me.
Christopher Steven Ishee Send Email
Dupaix and Passey 13 Mar 2005
Hello everyone,
I'm from the Truro area. Somewhere around the year 1993, under president Winwood, there were two missionairies that I am trying to get an email for. Trent L Dupaix, which isn't even listed in the alumni list and Jeff B Passey. Passey is there but no contact info for him. Dupaix was also Passey's companion so there should be some info on him somewhere. Any help or anyone that may know there where abouts...any information would be great. Thanks to all!!
Amanda (McNutt) Butt Send Email
Elder West 22 Feb 2005
While serving in Glace Bay in 1979 we helped prepare the Norm and Karen Porter family for baptism. The Porters visited me in SLC, Utah about 8 years ago and I haven't heard from them since. If any one knows of them and can help me get in contact with them, it would be appreciated. Thanks Elder West
Mark Rulon West Send Email
RE: Kenn Solomon 17 Feb 2005
Elder Solomon was my first companion in the field... Great guy, lots of fun... If you find him tell him Hi for me
Curtis Allen Cluff Send Email
Brad Judd 02 Nov 2004
I'm looking for an address for Brad Judd. My name is Dean Durant. My e-mail address is
Elaine Genevieve Nuzzaco Send Email
Kenn Soloman 09 Oct 2004
I have been looking for a missionary who served here in the mid 80's.I have tried many avenues to no avail. If anyone has any info that could lead me to find Kenn Solomon I would greatly appreciate it. I just want to catch up and find out how he's doing. Please if you know him and don't want to give his info...give him mine...Thanx,


Neil Dorey
Neil Dorey Send Email
re:searching for companions 05 Oct 2004
I have been seeing if I could locate Elder Tomat for someone else on the list, so far nothing. If you find Elder Scott let me know, he served here in Amherst NS for awhile and I would love to know how he is doing.
A W Send Email
This is great! 05 Oct 2004
Just a quick note to say hey and great work on this site. It's good to read about y'all and see how you are doing.

Dan Weber
Daniel Clyde Weber Send Email
Looking for companions 05 Oct 2004
Hi all,
I am trying to get in touch with the following companions, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Elder Scott. Douglas Scott III. Salt Lake area.
Elder Mendenhall. Troy Mendenhall. St George.
Elder Parkinson.
Elder Opiekhens.
Elder Anderson. Kenny Anderson. (we served together in Dartmouth just before Christmas 1987) and were split up two days before Christmas.
Elder Walters. From Durango.
Elder Covington.
Elder Tomat.

If anyone can help with the emails, addresses or whatever that'd be great.

Take care all.
Kind regards
Sean Abley (87-89)
Sean Abley Send Email
guen and shawn fanelli 03 Oct 2004
I'm looking for guen mcdonald (of f'ton, nb) and shawn fanelli's current email or mailing addy. Last i knew they were in colorado springs, but their emails don't appear to be current. thanx
Elaine Genevieve Nuzzaco Send Email
getting married 30 Sep 2004
I am finally getting married and would like to send so invites to my friends that have gotten married themselves. If anyone who knows me would like an invite please let me know Thank you.
Tecia Ann Grover Send Email
Correction to last post 16 Sep 2004
I made a mistake and said sister Johnson, that is the wrong name. Her name is Sister Young.

Also, Sara thank you for telling me about the Secords!
Ronald David Prothero Send Email
I know this maybe a long shoot but what the heck.

I would like to get in contact with a few members I remember from the Mission field.

Sister Farmer- I think her husbands name was Bill but neither he nor the males in the family were members yet they would go to church. They lived somewhere in the Sackville area as I can remember.

Sister Johnson- She lived in the Riverside area of Munton, NB. She was inactive for many years until 1981. Then I think she moved or visited western Canada, which was the last I heard from her. She was friends with the Seacord family (not sure on the spelling of the sir name) his name was Chuck Secord, they were baptized in 1981. I too would like to communicate with them.

Sandra (Reeves) Best, and her daughter Cheyenne. Last known area Lr. Sackville

An other is Sister Zink, she lived in the Halifax area but would be up in years now.

My first baptism was there with Wendy Marshall in the Halifax area. (1980) She moved away but I heard she had moved back.

The last long shoot is a:
Non-member: Dave and Donna McClemet. They lived in Lr. Sackville but later moved to a small town south by a lake or inlet (Marys bay, or black bay... can't remember the name) They were going to be baptized but obstacles got in the way, later HE joined an other church and I visited them in 1990 and found that Donna was still interested. Anyway it would be good to get a hold of them also.

If anyone has any leads or information regarding the names I have listed, I would love to hear from you.

Ron Prothero
Ronald David Prothero Send Email
Josh Benson 13 Sep 2004
I'm trying to find an old comp of mine served 96-98. He was living in American Fork UT. Anyone know him or how to get a hold of him?
Alex Scott Ek Send Email
Gracias Seth 13 Sep 2004
smooth web site great info, it off tha heazzy...
Dan (Danno) Bowen Send Email
Ivan Chase 03 Sep 2004
I still call Ivan about once a year. He's still 99% inactive, but is still the lovable guy we all knew. Last I heard from him is that he'd overcome some serious medical problems, but he's still the same cheerful loudmouth he's always been. Still lives on at the bottom of Regent Street and hangs out with William from Lebanon.
Timothy Lynn Bell Send Email
REUNION 26 Aug 2004
I sereved under President Kenning as did many of you. Yet I have not ever seen or heard of a reunion for us that sereved under him. I notice that there is not contact information regarding President Kenning.

It sure would be nice to have a reunion sometime. If anyone has ideas or comments please let me know.

Elder Ron Prothero
Ronald David Prothero Send Email
re: Ivan the inactive 22 Aug 2004
I met Ivan while I was serving in Fredericton Oct-Dec 1997. He was still hanging out with missionaries then, with no indication that it would ever change.
Eric Richard Widdison Send Email
Ivan the inactive... 20 Aug 2004
Hey does anyone know what Ivan Chase (Ivan the inactive) from Fredericton is up to? Does he still hang out with the Elders like he used to? I would like to get ahold of him if possible.
Jason R Peterson Send Email
Great job, Seth! 20 Aug 2004
Thanks for taking care of our little hub of info! can't wait to hear from everyone!
Rick Moore Send Email

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