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Elder 03 May 2005
For anyone who wants to read. The Christmas of 1980 in Parsborro Nova Scotia. Elder Mike Crossley, Elder Kent Nelson the submariner with the worst snorring ever and I believe my companion at the time was either Elder Joe Guisson or Elder Trent Siglar. I was the District Leader and 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency. Elder Mike Crossley was the Branch President. A true Missionary Branch. Anyhow. The four of shared the basement suite under the church. It was completely wood heated. In the main living room area there were 2 cots they were almost beds and a Franklin stove that we learned quicky was an important part of the (lets not freeze) program. The Christmas season that year was one of the most wonderful Christmas's I can remember. We had just recieved our Christmas packages from home and were excited for Chistmas, in a different way than you would at home. It was a quieter more spiritually focussed time. We had been involved in the work to the point that we hadn't noticed the Clouds building and a definate winter storm was on the way. It started with a drizzle of lite rain, more like a mist or fog which continued through the night. When the storm hit full force it added unbelievable amounts of snow and drifting over top of several inches of ice from the freezing rain the night before. The snow was so deep that you could not see the tops of the four foot fence posts accross from the church. The drifts were in some places high enough to cover entire houses. The issue of the ice caused by the freezing rain became very clear when we had been notified that several miles of telephone lines and power lines had fallen due to the weight of the ice that had frozen on the lines creating an extremely heavy cover around the cables. Needless to say there would be no tracting, no member visits, and worst of all especially for four 19 or 20 year old boys, no Christmas food. At least for a few days. I remember sitting in the living room with the franklin stove stocked with wood and burning with a wonderful warmth and light from the flames. Our Christmas tree was up in a missionary fashion. all four of us sharing treats form our Christmas care packages. Instead of opening gifts and slamming as much food as we could down our throuts. We studied the Scriptures and shared stories of the Gospel and of the birth of the Savior. This experience reminds me each holiday season to try not to go overboard with gifts and things but to focus more on the Savior. I think because of experiences like this and others that I had while I served on a mission and have shared with my children they have an appreciation for a little restraint at Christmas and more focus towrd the Savior. Thanks
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