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Funeral Notice 01 Feb 2007
Trudy was in the Kitchner ward and always had missionaries in her home. I am sure everyone who knew her would
want to know about her loss. They can leave messages for her family at this
Thank you, Lydia Holt
Cameron Hansen Send Email
Pres. & Sis. Potter's mission 11 Jan 2007
President and Sister Potter continue to serve as directors of the Hill Cumorah Visitor's Center in Palmyra, New York. They have about a year left in their service and are doing quite well. I received a nice letter from Sister Potter after Christmas.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Pres. & Sis. Sampson going on another mission 11 Jan 2007
I just got a Christmas letter from President and Sister Sampson. They are doing well. They live in Washington, Utah (a suburb of St. George). They will soon be leaving on another mission for 23 months. They've been called to serve in the Greece Athens Mission. They depart on March 5th. Sister Sampson said that they will be assigned to an area in Northern Greece called Thessoloniki (the place where Paul made some of his journeys in the New Testament). She went on to say that "now, another Paul will make his presence known there", speaking of President Paul Sampson.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Hey All 07 Jan 2007
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season. I've updated my profile and hope to hear from those of you I know. I only have one question: When is the next reunion for the Sampson or Satterthwaite eras?
Bryan Shigihara Send Email
Westfall's a daddy! 06 Dec 2006
Goodness...Bro. and Sis. Westfall are already parents! That means they had to be expecting when I saw them at my "promoting" temple session. That guy was never one to waste time...completely effective. Way to go, and congratulations!
W. Garrett Myler Send Email
Looking for Elder Greer 23 Aug 2006
My name is Carlo Caroli. I served in the Canada Toronto Mission from
January 1979 to September 1979. The rest of the mission was served in the
Nashville, Tennessee Mission. While in the Toronto Canada Mission, I was
the only Italian native missionary in the whole mission. I would like to
know if you could help me locate my very best missionary companion that
served with me while in the down town area of Toronto. His name was Elder
Gordon Greer and we served together in the summer of 1979. At the time
that president Kimball came to visit the mission.

He was the greatest companion I ever had and I tried for so long to get in
touch with him. All I know is that he is from Provo, Utah and friends with
another elder Johnson, related to the former Cougars Coach, LaValle. I
have been to Provo several times over the past years and was anable to
locate him. Can you help? Thank you very much for all the assistance you
can provide me.

Ciao from Carlo in Missouri.
Cameron Hansen Send Email
Elder Westfall 26 Jul 2006
Elder Westfall (spelling?) returned to visit the Toronto West Mission. He was at my ward on Sunday, July 23/2006 in Newmarket. He was there because President and Sister Ashton were speaking in my ward and Elder Westfall is their son-in-law. Elder Westfall was there with his wife and new baby. They looked fine. They are now living in Orem, Utah. Elder Westfall never served in my ward but he was in my Stake-Brampton. He also visited my ward a few times when he was a missionary.
Ken Sisler
Newmarket, Ontario
Ken Sisler Send Email
looking for someone. 24 Jun 2006
I served in the CTWM from 1997 to 1999 and I am looking for the the Oueng family that was baptized in Richmond Hill around October of 1998. If anyone has any information please let me know. Thanks!

Craig Newman
Craig A Newman Send Email
President and Sister Potter 04 Apr 2006
Just wanted to let anyone know who is interested, that President and Sister Potter are now serving in Palmyra for two years. President Potter was called to be the Cumorah Visitor's Center director, I believe. They left in early January for their assignment and I have their address there if anyone would like it. You can just e-mail me if you'd like that information. They are doing well and were sad that they missed the small reunion some of us had last October. Sister Potter would like to have one when they return, so hopefully we can.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Article about Timmins in NY Times 13 Mar 2006
Don't know if anyone will get this in time (they archive every week or so), but I saw an interesting article in the NY Times today about car companies testing cars for winter conditions up in Timmins and Kapuskasing. I remember when I was up there that I'd heard about companies using it for a winter testing area, but I was never sure if it was an urban legend or not. Guess it's not!

Sorry that you need to log in to view it, but the paper is free to read!

Thomas L Conrad Send Email
Elder Randall 24 Oct 2005
Anybody know where Dallan Randall might be? I would like to have his address or phone number if it is available. He was my trainer. Just want to know what is up with him. Take it easy.
Robert Glenn Thorson Send Email
I'm coming to the General Conference!! 07 Sep 2005
I'm coming to the General Conference in October coz I heard that President Sybrowsky is going to give a talk there! Since my boss really needs me here in Taipei, I'll have only 4 days off to spend in Utah. Hopefully I'll get to see you there. Is there going to be a reunion this time? Anyway, see you later!
Szu-Hui Chiu Send Email
Reunion anyone?? 05 Sep 2005
Kevin Holmes and I (Stacy Carling Holmes) are thinking of having an open house reunion on September 30th. We would love to see missionaries that served at the end of President Potter's service and the beginning of President Sampsons's service (1994-1996). Is anyone interested?? Please email at
We will probably have it at the Carling home in Sandy, Ut and would prefer only adults..what do you think..
Stacy Holmes Send Email
for Richard Call and Tom Canlonsen 22 Aug 2005
Today at church (8/21/05), I met a young lady from Guelph who is a convert to the church. She was visiting a friend here in Salt Lake. Her name is Alex and she was baptized by Elder Richard Call and Tom Canlonsen (?spelling) sometime after the year 1996. I served from '94-'95 and she said she joined after that. Anyway, I just thought I'd let those Elders know if they are on the website that one of their converts is doing well and still active. :)
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Satterthwaite Mission Reunion 11 Jun 2005
President Satterthwaite will be having a mission reunion at his home on Saturday, June 25 at 5:30 p.m.

4009 Juniper Ln
Eden, UT 84301

(801) 745-3778
Cameron Hansen Send Email
remember the birdies 08 May 2005
Hello all. I am looking for a story that circulated around the mission field while I was out there serving. It is called remember the birdies it is a story about a little kid who was trapped under a garage door and while he was trapped he saw all of the birdies that were flying around the temple and he told his parents that they needed to remember the birdies. if any one has this story or knows of amyone who might have it will you please contact me at and let me know I would greatly appreciate it. if you will please put remember the birdies in teh subject line too please it would great. thanks again, Chris
chris ashby Send Email
still looking for Sister Walk 13 Apr 2005
Hi...I'm still looking to see if anyone has information for Sister Dallas Walk (now Cox) who served in '93-'94. I have a letter for her from someone she taught that we later baptized. He doesn't have a current address for her and sent it to me to try to get it to her. Does anyone know where she might be? I am also still trying to find a mission companion...Sister Stacy Shumway? Anyone have any info. on her?
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Hello Sista's & Elders 03 Mar 2005
Hello Sista's-
Just wanted to update you with new info.
We recently moved. Our email address is
I still have just two beautiful little ones.
Kaylia turned 3 in December, and Logan turned 2 in November.
I would love to hear from any Sisters and Elders of whom I served with.
Please contact me anytime.
I will be in the Salt Lake Utah area the 15th-21st of April.
I will be in the California area in August, and I will be returning to Canada sometime next summer.
I would love to see any and all of you.
Take care and remember the Gospel is true no matter where you go!!!!!!!
Sister Hatch
Tonya Sharlene Lundgren Send Email
looking for Dallas (Walk) Cox 31 Jan 2005
Hi. I'm looking for Sister Dallas (Walk) Cox who served from 1993-1994. She and a companion in North Bay GQ-ed a man and began teaching him the gospel. William Petten was later baptized while Sister Crespin and I were there. William recently attempted to send a letter via snail mail to Dallas, but it was sent back to him for an unknown address, so he forwarded it to me instead. If anyone knows current information for Dallas (Walk) Cox, I would love to forward William's mail on to her, please e-mail and let me know. Thank you.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Looking for 2 Missionaries - Are they still here?? 25 Jan 2005
I'm searching for the 2 missionaries that taught my friend's fiance (Melissa Lui) in Kitchener 2nd Ward in March of 2004. They are getting sealed in the temple in June, and they would like to at least invite them to the wedding. The two Elders are Elder Styers and Elder Sorensen. Anyone have some insight as to their whereabouts???
Jonathan Grigg Send Email
Looking for my Trainer 13 Jan 2005
I was wondring if anyone knew where (and had contact information for) Elder Robert ("Jimmy") Hendricks originally from Elberta, Utah. He served from Nov. 1996 to Dec. 1998 under Pres. Sampson and Pres. Satterthwaite. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks.
Joshua Joseph Smith Send Email
Engaged 02 Jan 2005
After years of running, I have finally been caught, and will be getting married 21st May.
Antony Mark Bray Send Email
reunion 30 Dec 2004
I was just wondering if anyone knows about a reunion happening for Pres Sampson or Satterthwaite anytime soon?? I think it would be about time to get one started! I heard there might be one for April 2005.
Craig A Newman Send Email
Grand Reunion 06 Oct 2004
i talked with President Bacon,and i was wondering how everyone might feel about having a Grand Reunion for all former missionaries no matter when they served or which mission president they served
Doug White Send Email
reunion 06 Oct 2004
Sounds good. Where would this be? An East or West coast location?
Jeremy Draper
Reunion 05 Oct 2004
Hey I agree with the message Sister Olson left on October 3rd. We need to have a Reunion soon. I talked to Jake Cutler and Jory Dalling and we all agree. So all of you proactive sisters get going on this! Actually that was just a bad joke by Jory Dalling, sorry. Anyhow, We'll try and get something in the works cause we'd love to see everybody. 'Aight later!
bradley william biggerstaff Send Email
mission reunions? 03 Oct 2004
I served under President Potter and President Sampson and would love to be involved in another mission reunion with either of them. If anyone else is interested or a reunion is ever set up with either of them, please let me know. I've mentioned it to the Potter's a few times in a letter and Sister Potter mentioned wanting to have another one, so lets hope that we do. I have both of their addresses if anyone is interested.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Sybrowsky Homecoming 22 Jul 2004
Correction to the message on the Sybrowsky's homecoming, the address is 4100 North, not South, on Timpview drive. It is an orange brick building with brown trim. See you there 1 pm on Sunday the 25th of July.
Garrison Conrad Spencer Send Email
Correction to Address 22 Jul 2004
The address is 4100 North, not South, on Timpview drive. Orange brick building with brown trim.
Garrison Conrad Spencer Send Email
President Sybrowsky's Homecoming... 16 Jul 2004
Hi everyone, Here are the details of the Sybrowsky's homecoming...
Sunday, July 25th 1:00pm at the chapel on Timpview in Provo (I think it's 4100S 650E)
SaraJoy Pond Send Email
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