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HELLO! 14 Mar 2003
I am looking for Andrew Macnaughtans email. Oh and Chad Solberg, where is that video? I have been dying to see it for years. That makes us sound old eh?
Robert Louis Allen Send Email
Lost Contact 11 Mar 2003
I know this is a longshot, but I was hoping that someone out there would have information on one of the following people:

Victoria Herbert (Barrie)
Mary Allain (St. Catharines)
Liz Mathieu (St. Catharines)
Ron Brubacher (Kitchener)
Alexandra Gillan (goes by Sandi)

If you know these people, please let me know. I'd very much like to get in contact with them. Thanks!
Christi Shakespear Send Email
Looking for more addresses 09 Mar 2003
I know, I know, I should invest in one of those palm pilot thingees. Hey does anyone have Sister Bottoms (now married with new name) or Sister Campbell's current addresses. Just trying to reconnect with old friends. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks--Tasha
Natasha Pat Ratajczek Send Email
An address 09 Mar 2003
Does anyone have Pres. Satterthwaites current contact address. I heard he was in England somewhere. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. . . and no it is not so I can mail him a wedding announcement--all in due time I guess. Hope you are all well. I miss the mission days. Good memories. . . Good stuff! Love ya all--Tasha
Natasha Pat Ratajczek Send Email
are we having a reunion? 09 Mar 2003
Does anyone know if we are having a mission reunion with President and Sister Potter this year? They mentioned once that they'd like to have one in April, but I haven't heard anything since. If anyone knows anything about a reunion, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
going back to Canada 23 Feb 2003
Hi everyone! I have the wonderful opportunity of returning to the mission field in April to attend the sealing of a very special family from North Bay. The Haig & Faith Pinsent family will be sealed in the Toronto Temple on April 10, 2003. Sister Pinsent was very instrumental in our work as a friendshipper and went out on splits with us a lot. She is a convert of about 25 years now and all ten of their kids are members. Five of them served missions, as well. Brother Pinsent never did join the church, but was very supportive of them in the church. He passed away in December 2001 from a heart problem, and was closer to the church at the time of his passing. Their youngest daughter, Helen, is getting married on April 11th in North Bay.
I am planning to return to Canada for this special event and will be staying in Brampton for several days with the David & Jill Watkin family, also of North Bay (now living in Brampton).
For anyone who served in North Bay, Brother Jim Duffy, Sr. passed away about two weeks ago or so from a heart attack, I believe. His family was active in the church at the time I was there in late 1994 to early 1995, but unfortunately they didn't stay active. The people in North Bay are doing well and the ward is great. I look forward to this trip back to the mission field.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
just check this place out 13 Feb 2003
hey everyone i have no spectacular news on myself in the process of getting me a house working and going to school full time is always fun i am not even sure anyone will remember who i was i look at all the different names and i think of some of the funny stories i have you all anyway if any one does remember me feel free to email me at i would love to hear from anyone hope i hear from you
nick aka elder odom
Nick Odom Send Email
The biggest update ever has been taken place on the CTWM Community site. 269 pictures have been added, about 30 links have been added and a guestbook has been added. Go to to find it out. Be free to leave a message in the guestbook.
Koen Okhuijzen Send Email
looking for 19 Jan 2003
I am looking for an address and phone number for James Newby. Does anyone have it?
Travis D. Quiller Send Email
Enganged 10 Jan 2003
Hey everyone, well its finaly happened i'm enganged. I'm working in San Fran for the winter and getting married on april 26th. well have to go i'm so busy.
George Ryan Noorda Send Email
quit smoking? 19 Dec 2002

will someone please post or email me the 15 steps to quit smoking? thanks!
Brian Brewster Lambson Send Email
looking for mission newsletter 11 Nov 2002
I served in the great CTWM from Feb. 94 to Aug. 95. It was an awesome mission and I loved every minute of it. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the mission newsletter, "The Harvester" for the Sept. 95 issue. That would have been the one with information for the last month that I served and shown myself as a departure in August. If anyone has a copy of it and could send me a photocopy of it, I would greatly appreciate it. Just e-mail me and I'll send my address to you if you can send me a copy of it. Thank you so much.
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Engaged! 22 Oct 2002
well everyone, the great Elder Thorson is finnally engaged to be married in the Seattle temple on or about Feb 15. if you would like an invite please email me at and send me your address I would love to see some of you there!
Robert Glenn Thorson Send Email
New Baby Boy! 17 Oct 2002
Hello All! This is to announce the birth of Zechariah Golden LaBar born to Justin and Olivia LaBar on 15 October 2002 at 12:03pm. He weighed in at 8lbs. 9oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. He has light golden brown hair and is a joy to our family! We're excited to have our family growing... one more future missionary!!!
Justin Roy LaBar Send Email
President Satterthwaite 08 Oct 2002
I heard a rumour that President might be coming to Solihull (England). Does anybody know if this is true, and have any details?
Any information would be useful.
Antony Mark Bray Send Email
Sis. Lewis and Lambson are you out there? 08 Oct 2002
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Sisters Heather Lambson and Sheri Lewis? WE served together in the fall of 1995 in the Guelph area.
If you guys are reading this.....
remember Rockwood? Do you remember the campout that we were supposed to do when we got home? Let's do It!!!!! Get in touch with me!!

Also any of you that served during that time... have there been any reuniouns? Are there any coming up? I would love to hear from all of you that I knew and loved!! Served 1995-96.
Kimberly Dawn Sauve Send Email
For Those Driving To The Reunion 02 Oct 2002
Hello All,
I just thought I'd send a short message with some basic instructions about getting to the reunion this year.
First of all, make sure to give yourself time to get there. Pleasant View (not Pleasant Grove) is 1 and a half hours North of Provo, 50 minutes North of Salt Lake and 45 minutes south of Logan. It is a neighboring city of Ogden.
Just proceed on I-15 to the Pleasant View Exit #352.
Take a right if you're north bound, left if your south bound, proceed north-east for about a mile.
You'll come to an intersection with a Chevron Station. Go straight through.
You'll come to a stop sign at 1000 W., take a left. Go to the top of 1000 W. at a stop sign, take a right.
That's it, the Red Brick Church is a block down, on the left.
(The mission website also has a map.)
Steve T. Christiansen Send Email
Hey Everyone,
We've received a ton of responce already from people attending the reunion, so we should have an excellent turn out.
However, there have been many that haven't RSVP'd as of yet. Please send me something to let me know that your coming. Now don't get me wrong, the main this is being there, but just so planning will go more smoothly we need as accurate a head count as possible.
See you there!

Steve Christiansen
Steve T. Christiansen Send Email
Sealing Invite!!! 13 Sep 2002
Hey All! Let's try this again! This is to let you know that my wife, Olivia, and I will be sealed on 21 September 2002 in the Salt Lake Temple. We will also be sealed to our son, Spencer Eric. Endowment is at 4:15pm and Sealing at 6:15pm... they ask that those attending arrive 30 minutes early please. I would love to see anyone who could possibly attend. Unfortunately I am unable to make it to the Mission Reunion, so as many people that can let me know they'll be there and/or let me know that there's a possiblility of me seeing them while I'm there would be awesome! I think of so many of you so much of the time. We'll leave for Utah on the 19th and arrive on the 20th. We plan to leave on the 25th or 26th, depending on how things unfold. Well, the Gospel's true and I hope to see some of you soon! Take Care!
Justin "Elder" LaBar
CTWM Sept. '98 - Sept. '00
Justin Roy LaBar Send Email
Requesting Information 26 Aug 2002
I'm looking for information regarding Monica and Christian Vailliancourt in the Sudbury area. They were baptized in 1998. Also, any information pertaining to Fernand Albert, also in the Sudbury area. Baptized in 1998.

Bryan Shigihara Send Email
Party 30 Jul 2002
Hey - for any of those who know Matt Bludorn and are in the area, you're all invited! Go to for details!

Emmy (the wife)
Matt Richard Bludorn Send Email
Engaged!!! (finally) 30 Jul 2002
What's up everybody? I got engaged a couple months ago to an amazing woman. Her name is Brianne Butler. We are getting married in the Mesa Temple on Sept. 14, 2002. We are going to have a reception that night at Regency Gardens, from 7-9. It is in Mesa, on the corner of Robson and Main. If anyone is in the area I would love to see you there.
Brandon Tousley Price Send Email
community 26 Jun 2002
Go now the NEW CTWM community for great messages and pics

Join it and become part of a great community.
Koen Okhuijzen Send Email
CTWM Community 07 Jun 2002
Hello friends,

I have made a CTWM Community on the internet. You can find it at:
You are free to join it.
Koen Okhuijzen Send Email
Looking for Elder Powell 03 Jun 2002

If any of you know how I can get ahold of Elder Daniel Powell, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Elder Jeremy Joe-Alan Prete
Jeremy Joe-Alan Prete Send Email
looking for Elder Barley and Sister Shumway 02 Jun 2002
Hi, I am looking for an address or information for an Elder Ted Barley and a Sister Stacy Shumway who served in our mission. Elder Barley served from 1994-1996, and Sister Shumway served from 1994-1995. If anyone knows where they are now or how I can contact them, I would appreciate it. Thank you. My e-mail is:
J'Lene Olson Send Email
Engaged 15 May 2002
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am finally engaged to be married. Her name is Lauren Tysick and we will be getting married in the Mesa Arizona Temple on Wednesday, July 3rd. I have lost all my addresses from the mission so I have posted an on-line announcement at (then click on "Camron Howell") A pop-up screen will appear with our picture and information. If you would like a real announcement sent in the mail please email me at with your address. I love all of you and look forward to hearing from you.
Camron B. Howell Send Email
Mom Butson 07 Apr 2002
is she stil alive? what is she doing?
please ,let me know.
Christian Alexander Finke Send Email
Get together in Europe 07 Apr 2002
This is a message for all the missionaries who are living in Europe. Maybe we can have a get together in Holland. You can call me at +31 (0)70 - 3628051 or +31 (0)6 - 41273131. It will be nice to meet some people from the mission again.

Koen Okhuijzen aka "Eurthquake Man"
Koen Okhuijzen Send Email
Mission Reunion Idea? 05 Apr 2002
Murray Park would be an excellent place for a get-together. If anyone has a better idea, let me know. I'd like to join.
Ryan Matthew Willden Send Email
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