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Stories: Minto road

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Minto road 24 Nov 2005

It's just a small 11 mile spur of road that branches off the main Hwy from theCity.

I've walked much of it at one time or another. I've parked the Duty truck countless times and waited for Bootleggers to drive into the Village.

I've also parked on this small road and hunted small game into the Woods. At times (years later) I still see this road in my sleep.

But one night after I had gone back to my room in the Lodge to settle in for the night.

I suddenly woke from sleep around 0100hrs. I dressed back into my Duty Uniform, shrugged into my Outer Ballistic Vest and grabbed the War bag that was loaded with food, water and various supplies I needed for extended stays away from the Lodge and Village.

The snowy Alaska night wasn't as cold as Winters usually are in Interior Alaska.

The temps hovered around 5 above zero but the true temp was much lower due to the brisk constant wind from the North.

I drove the Chevy Silverado pickup out of the Village wondering all along why I was impressed to get up and go out on the Road?

Mile 2. Passed the short road that led 100 yds up the Hill to the Cemetary. Saw nothing amiss there.

No tracks of any kind in the drifting snow. My spotlight lit up the Night at 2 million candle power and it was a source of comfort to me in times like this.

Mile 5. The big turn out Loop drive was empty. And no tracks on the Road but mine that I left as I drove out further from the Village. Mile 10. The gravel pit. People would use the isolation of the 200 yd by 300 yd wide crater to park and drink.

I'd often use it to park and shoot my weapons. Drill myself in various scenarios that I thought I might face when responding to various domestic situations on the Job.

The headlights of the Chevy cut the darkness ahead and suddenly revealed 3... 4.

5 figures on the Road ahead.

I recognized the Men right away.
Had arrested all of them at one time.

Had responded to many events in the Village and at least one of them was there at the time.

Without a word of reprimand I let them stiffly mount into the Chevy beside and behind me in the extended cab.

They sniffled and wiped running noses and groaned as the Feeling slowly came back to their faces, hands and feet.

They had walked for miles and wore only regular clothes. No gloves or caps or over coats to protect them from the winter cold.

I turned the Chevy truck around and headed back to the Village.

After a mile or so, someone spoke up.
"Thanks Sam".
"yah... thanks bro".

"What happened to you?" I asked.
"We wrecked coming back from the City." one man replied.

I took each man home, dropping them off where they lived or stayed at the time.

They were all intoxicated.
I figured that they were drinking and bringing drugs and alcohol back to the Village but I didn't argue with them this night. I let things go.

When I drove back to the end of the Minto Road and then further away from the Village I found the crash site.

I dismounted from the Duty truck and look around the site. Took pictures. Even crawled up inside the overturned vehicle after I deemed it safe to do so.

They slid off the road and rolled their car several times. I'm glad no one was hurt or killed.

I've related this experience to a few trusted Villagers; the two local preachers and a couple people on the Council.

Even I wonder why I was "summoned" to the aid of men that I typically was at war with. I the Lawman and them the Criminals in the Village that I was assigned to live in and Protect.

But deep down inside I know why.
And I often overlook the way that the Holy Ghost does touch each of us to prompt us.

I spent my childhood, youth and much of my Mission field years trying to understand the Holy Ghost.

Studying my Church books, studying my Scriptures and living my life in such a way that I would be worthy of the Spirit's companionship in my life.

I've had many instances like this cold Winter night where I was prompted to do something, or to say this-or that, while doing my job as Public Safety Officer.

And even after I left the Village and moved on in Life. I would be prompted to drive here or wait awhile longer when I wanted to leave a place.

I owe much of the success of my Experiences NOW to the time I spent in the Mission field long ago.

I hope that many of you Alumni and Visitors to the Site can realize that your previous time with the Church and in company of Church people was a blessing to you and can still be.

Happy Thanksgiving 2005
Elder Flyinghorse
Samuel L Flyinghorse Send Email
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