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Aaron Stevens

(Oct 2002 - Oct 2004)


" Im from Pullman, WA. I started my mission serving with Elder Daniel Reeves in the MTC.
I was trained in Confederation in S'toon by Elder David Lyon, and then served with Elders Jason Sainsbury and Kenny Mecham there.
Next I seved in Strauss in Winnipeg West Zone with Elders Phillip Jenkins and Micheal Skidmore.
In Kenora I served with Elder Matt Berry for 6 weeks. I enjoyed being in that beautiful place.
Then I went to the great city of Moose Jaw and had an exellent time with my many companions there. I served with Elders Jason LeLaCheur, James Miller, Tate Denna, and Luke Levens.
After Moose Jaw they shipped me off to Brandon. I served with Elders Cory Christensen and Benjamin Jager. We had good times spending a freezing cold winter together.
I must have done something really right, because I was then sent to labor in the prettiest part of all the mission, Bergland, ON. I was with Elders Jonathan Slyman and Brett Young. We had good times out in the boonies... the cabin fever made things more interesting. There I was able to see Johnson Family become united in the faith through the baptism of Brother Bob Johnson. He was the head of the home, and now he has the Priesthood to lead with God.
I finnished this great expedition in the Winnipeg South Zone. I served in the Pembina Area with Elder Brett Coleman, and Kendall Frazier. The Canda Winnipeg mission is the best mission there is.
I returned to my family but to another home. Im currently living in Fulton, MO. I see it as a bonus because Im real close to Jackson County. I just hope I dont get swept off.
Ive seen so many wonderful changes from start to finnish. It is a progressing mission and thats what makes it so great. I've loved all my experiences there. I love all the wonderful men that I was blessed to serve with. The Lord truly blessed me everywhere I was assined to labor. I know that he will continue to do so."
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