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Alan Carter

(Feb 1977 - Feb 1978)


here's some info about my time in Canada Winnipeg: I'm Alan Carter from Franklin Idaho. I entered the South Dakota Rapid City Mission in January of 1975. I became part of Canada Winnipeg in February of 1976. I'll list all my areas and Companions:

  • Morris Minnesota William Glen Crowther (Sanford CO) 2-1-75 thru 5-3-75
  • Jamestown North Dakota Steven Skousen (Mesa AZ) and Kirk Bruce Rigby(Flagstaff) 5-3-75 thru 5-29-75
  • Fargo ND Ron Jacobsen(Alta Loma CA) and Dwight Bastian (Salina UT) 5-29-75 thru 8-27-75
  • Thompson Manitoba Brent Guernsey(Lancaster CA) and Alex Smith(Safford AZ) 8-29-75 thru 1-7-76
  • Winnipeg Layne A. Isom (Cedar City UT) 1-11-76 thru 3-22-76
  • Melfort Sask Perry Coon(Vernal UT) 3-22-76 thru 6-12-76
  • Regina David A Simpson(Coquille OR) and Thomas L. Richards(Snowfalke AZ) 6-12-76 thru 11-5-76
  • St. Boniface Rodney Peatross(Fairview UT) 11-5-76 thru 1-27-77
  • Mission Mechanic Chris Pack (who was about 15 at the time from SLC UT) 1-28-77 thru 2-25-77
I never went to Churchill but Guernsey went. Pres. Bishop would allow a trip there if you had referals to check. I was in Winnipeg with E. Isom when the mission was formed from parts of Rapid City and Calgary. I gave a lot of the gamma shots at zone conferences. I remember when the big swine flu scare took place. We received a batch of vacine from Church Headquarters. Pres. Lund assured everyone that the vacine was safe. Lets get it over with! He was ready to go. I was trying to read the directions on how large the dose should be but Pres. Lund was ready no hesitation on his part. (I think he had one speed wide open!) Anyway instead of giving him 2 1/2 ml I gave him 2 1/2 cc. Sister Spencer who was a nurse from Australia called the hospital. They said If he
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