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Alan Willoughby

(Feb 1981 - Feb 1983)


"What a cool site..... A prime site for those
who served with the honor of the motto "many are
cold but few are frozen"

After my mission I flew home to Melborne, Australia where I was called to my first after
mission calling, did some schooling/worked.

In 1990 I arrived in New Zealand where I currently
reside with my wife Melanie and my son Rhys (6years) and daughter Shavaughan (5 months).

The Church is TRUE, SO TRUE and I am grateful that
my mission experiences gave me a good grounding to
continue in service to my Savior and His Church.

If any of my mission companions read this it would be great to hear from you.

I will update as required."

Statistics: Bios = 394, Emails = 476, Messages = 21, Visitors = 202
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