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Amy Anderson-Bettwieser

(Jul 1994 - Dec 1995)


"Served in Winnipeg, Int'l. Falls, Ft. Francis, Yorkton, and Regina. Would love to hear from any of the missionaries or members who were in CWM with me. It's funny how you keep running in to people over the years.

What am I up to? I graduated from BYU in '97 in archaeology/museum studies, then worked as a field archaeologist for a few years in UT, ID, and OR. Somehow with all the travel I was able to meet Christian Bettwieser and we were married in Aug. '99 in Oakland. We've lived in San Diego, Manassas (near DC) VA, and now Tucson, AZ. We have 3 beautiful children: Seth, 5, Erik, 2 1/2, and Nora, 8 mo. They keep me running. Isn't life just a grand adventure! See our pictures on our website."

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