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Andrew Dean

(Jul 1989 - Jul 1991)


"Hi I am Andrew Dean served in the CWM between July 89 and 91 served under President Keeler and for my last month President Christianson. I am from England and I was one of only two English Missionaries serving in the mission at the time. I served in Regina and was trained by Elder Hatfield then went to Flinn Flonn with Elder Walberger and Elder Neeley after six months of Flinn Flonn I was moved to Prince Albert however one time driving from Flinn Flonn to Saskatoon for a Zone Conference Elder Neeley and I was in a car wreck which put my back out and I was well known for falling over or passing out coz of my back. Anyway we were in Prince Albert for a few weeks where Elder Harper later became an A.P. and myself shared an apartment we werenít companions however with my bad back and his broken leg (which he broke whilst having a ding Ice Hockey Match before a Zone Conference!) we both had a great time. I was then transferred to Winnipeg and served with Elder Flake from Snowflake Arizona and then Elder Daley from Washington. They had enough of me in Winnipeg and transferred me to Thompson where I served one month with Elder Forsgrin and then seven months with Elder Danny Farrant (the other English Missionary). We were paranoid because we were the only two English missionaries in the field and we had been sent as far away from Winnipeg as possible for seven months!!! However we loved Thompson from Thompson I served as a District Leader in Brandon with Elder Pelton Sister Moss and Sister Mossís companion was a Stake Missionary from Winnipeg who I cannot recall her name (sorry). Then due to medical troubles I was in the office in charge of stationary supplies great fun!!!! Especially serving with the Stoddards!! My final months I went back to Regina and trained in the apartment that I had opened when I was a greeny. I trained Elder Trevor S. Miles. If you are out their Trevor give us an e-mail!!.

Since being home, I Married a young lady who was baptised over here in England while i was serving in Canada. I now have 4 boys (the 5th is due on the 15th Dec 2000)and run 3 companys which I have started up. I have served as the ward mission leader, Young mens Pres and on the bishopric. I am curently Elders Qurom President and its the hardest calling I have ever had. I would love to here from anyone who remembers me.
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PL25 3YY
updated 18th October 2000"

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