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Arthur Pea

(Mar 1977 - Apr 1979)



Shaka Brah~~~~~ It was an honor to serve under the helm of Pres. & Sis. Howard Lund and with the greatest Couples, Elders and Sisters. This frozen "Pineapple" (i.e. Anae & Haiola) survived those (un)tropical winters with the warmth blessings of serving our Anglo & Lamanite people. I appreciated all my companions that sacrificed their "normal life" to be with this polynesian. At least, I didn't eat them. I will always hold my most spiritual experiences with this great mission. This is where I found true christ love. Commenced in Thunder Bay, than ventured to the Lamanite work in the Indian reserves at Broadview (Coweses etc.), CTK, White Bear, Poormans, Fort Queppele, Kamsack (Cote etc), and Regina. Eh? Pow wows, Leon trucks, Cowboy hats and da kine...... Eh? I did not feed the Lunds, that stray dog...... I think.
On the isles of the sea, I married a beautiful polynesian gal, Puanani, in the Hawaii Temple. 4 kids in the tribe; Kalani - 19yrs, attending Mesa St. University, Colorado/Sophomore; Puanani - 17 yrs, planning to attend University of Hawaii; Kainoa - 15 yrs, football addict; Tshaguille - 7 yrs, Tahitian dancer. All speak and write in their native Hawaiian language. Eh? Speak "Haole" too. We reside in Hilo, Hawaii. I'm a Sergeant in the Adult Corrections for 20 long, long years. I love the gospel, yet I'm less-active. I hope and pray that I will return to the fold. Please forgive me. Eternal love - Arthur Pea and tribe.


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