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Barry Wheeler

(Jan 1962 - )


When I arrived there were two branches in Winipeg small with one meeting house. I served my time in the 'Great North Central States Mission' from Jan 1962-1963 the last year of which was in Winipeg. There were 3 districts in all of that part of Canada. We were 600 miles from the mission home in Minneapolis and in another country.

I served as one of the two district leaders the east side of town. Elder Melvin McDonald was the te of manitoba. I believe that he and his companions held the record for numbers of souls baptized about 100. Our district baptized many. McDonald later published 'a day in court' or 'lds on trial' or something like that ('day of defense' - ed). Minus 88 degrees was as cold as I experienced there.

I now live in Gilbert Arizona. Probably because I lived in Manitoba.

Barry Wheeler.

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