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Brian Loomis

(Nov 1991 - Apr 1992)


"I served 6 months and went home with an honarable release after, "the incident at the mental hospital". This was a really frustating period in my life. I had tried to go from partying and leading a pretty crazy lifestyle to leaving on a mission in about 6 months. I don't recommend it. I'm probably a really good example of why the church has "raised the bar".

I married my first wife in 93 and have 1 son with her, Draven, who was born in 1994, we were divorced in 2000 after seven years together. After some good time to clear my head I remarried last year to Candice that I met on LDS singles (she actually lived a couple of blocks away but was in a student ward). Draven lives with us now.

After coming back to Boise I have worked in construction, restaurants and have done contract work for Micron. For the last 6 years I've been doing independent consulting and writing software for Apple Computers.

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