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Chris Downey

(Jul 1995 - May 1996)


My name is Chris Downey and I served in the towns of Saskatoon (7 months same area!) and two areas of Winnipeg from July 95 to May 96...had to leave a little early because of a back problem. I loved the people and the country... could have done without the cold.

I am working as a private contracter at Hewlett Packard here in Sacramento California. I get to play with Big netservers. I am also trying to finish up school in my spare time and will finish sometime before the next millenium in 3001 :). Even though I was sent home for medical reasons I have been blessed by being able to continue to serve. I would love to hear from some of my old companions and even members from Saskatoon and Dalhousie wards. Take care and stay warm???

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