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Coltan Gibby

(May 1995 - May 1997)


"Hello everyone, El Gib just wants to hi. I've been really busy since I've been home. I took a year off after the mission - worked, traveled and had fun. Then I decided to get going with school.

I received my Associates degree at LDS Business College in '99 and then moved to Orange County, California to begin the long awaited film school at Chapman University. It was such a great three years there, working on a bunch of films and getting involved in the film industry. I then graduated with a degree in Film & TV Production in May 2002.

As far as the ladies go...I met Courtney down here three years ago. We got engaged last fall and are getting married in just a couple of weeks (Feb, 2003).

I've really lost touch with so many great friends from the mission - so write me when you get a chance and I hope that you are all doing great.


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