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Corey Smallwood

( 1991 - 1993)


my name is corey smallwood and I served in the canada winnipeg mission from 91-93. I was really happy to come accross this web site. it helped me get in touch with an old buddy of mine that I had lost track of. I am from IL but have just moved to salt lake city about 7 months ago. I hope you will add my email address to your list of rm's. I am still looking for other buddies I served with so I hope with this web sites help I will find them.

I was the missionary who was hit by the car after a zone conferance in 92. like I said I just moved to slc about 7 months ago and met the girl of my dreams. we are getting married this june on the 16th. we are both excited. thanks again for the web site it is awsome.

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