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Cory L. Wanner

(Nov 1980 - Nov 1982)


"After spending two wonderful years in Canada I returned back to Utah and started working and going to school. During the winter of 1983 I got engaged to the former Terri Burger of Saskatoon, and we were married in the Salt Lake Temple on September 15, 1984. Prior to our marriage I supported her during her full time mission to Idaho. We then moved back to Saskatoon, and had our daughter, who is now 19, and is currently attending Weber State University. We have lived in Utah for the past 14 years and have recently returned to live in Saskatoon. During the summer of 2004 I finished my MBA and will soon complete my Doctorate degree. During our time in Utah, I served in the Ogden Temple as and ordinance worker and had the opportunity to work as one of the supervisors on the Saturday afternoon and evening shifts. Additionally, I have served as an Elders Quorum President, twice, Ward Mision leader, Gospel Doctrine teacher and ward and stake organist. Our move to Saskatoon, will include service in the Regina Temple on a church service basis as ordinance workers, as well as Ward and Stake callings. My wife is the Relief Society President and I serve as the Stake Finance Clerk. The church is growing in Saskatoon and we are so happy to see the work progressing. We are now empty nesters and are much older and turning grey at an accelerated rate. "
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