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Dan Ballard

(Feb 1986 - Jan 1988)


My name is Dan L. Ballard. I served in the Canada Winnipeg Mission from Feb. 1986- Jan. 1988 Yeh I went home a month early. I happened on to your web page and I think it is great.

Personl information:

I went to Ricks College on the 5 year program and then I graduated in Elementary Education from Lewis Clark State in Lewiston Idaho. I am currently teaching 5th grade at Terreton Elementary In Mud Lake Idaho.


My wife Wendi and live in Rexburg Idaho where we have 3 fully developed almost 4 children. Austin 8 (By the way if Jay Clark is out there we got his name from your middle name on you wedding announcement) Redge 6 Natalee 2 and the next one is any day now could be tomorrow. In my spare time I work as a manager for a management corporation out of Oregon.


I can't believe that the story about the churchhill elders at gunpoint thing is still going around the dusting of the feet deal is a lame story to.

I want to find...

Dan S. Campbell
Paul Bauer
Tim D Thompson
Kyle L. Jordon
Richard (Willie) Williams
Shawn D. Earl
Ruth Anne Burns

I haven't a clue where they are please help!

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