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Dave Martin

(May 1976 - May 1978)


"How quickly things come full circle! My son just returned from his mission and has given me much reason to reminisce. Unfortunately, my memmory is fading fast with the years. At times I wonder, if in the end, I will remember much at all about what happened up there in the north. I think it happened thusly:
I served in Winnipeg with Blake Wade and John Dangerfield. I served in Saskatoon with Scott Gillespie, Mike Fuit, David Lewis, Loren Evans, Brian Bali. I served in Regina with Dan Sine, Rod Carlson, David Campbell and Kelly Arnell. I returned to Winnipeg to serve with Mark Faler, Lucas Homer and finished with Mike Mansfield in Ft.Qu'Apelle. I appreciate the experiences and friendship we had together.

Can anything compare to the wonderful leadership and example of love and dedication that came from Pres. and Sister Lund? I think not. Their influence has been like a beacon through out my life. I am forever grateful for their sacrifices, in guiding our young lives in the ways of the Lord.
26 years after the fact,I am, and it even surprises me at times, still married to the love of my life - Ruth. We have shared the adventure of 5 children - Ben (21), Leah(18), Cam(15), Jacob(11)and Kate(8). We live in a small town an hour north of SLC - Eden, where the pace is slower, the surroundings beautiful and where we will likely remain until the end of our days.
I have had the opportunity of maintaining some very gratifying associations from the missionfield over the years - missionary friends and convert friends. My only regret is that so many other wonderful associations form those days have, as it were, vanished into thin air. I am always eager and excited at the prospects of crossing paths with the vanished.


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