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David Farr

(Sep 1994 - Sep 1996)


"Hi Everyone! Here's a little update! After my mission I returned to Salt Lake City, Utah where I'm from, and I went to the UofU for two years. After which I attended and graduated from BYU Hawaii with a B.S. in International Business Management in 2001. I returned home to Salt Lake to work for about a year and then I was coerced by a former BYU roommate to move out to Phoenix, Arizona in June of 2002. Shortly after in December 2002, I met and started dating my wife! We were married in the Mesa Temple on August 15th, 2003 and we currently live in Queen Creek, Arizona. I work for America West Airlines, and I have a car leasing business on the side, and my wife, Casey, works for a chiropractor's office and also sings and writes songs in band with her older brother and sister, called SumOfUs. They primarily use their music for an assembly program they do for grades K-5. Check out their website: www.SumOfUs.com"
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