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David R. Jacobs

(Aug 1987 - Jul 1989)


"Upon returning from my mission, I began my schooling in Logan, Utah at Utah State University. I met my wife Alisa during that time and I completed bachelors and masters degrees in Accounting. We left Logan in 1993 for Salt Lake City as I was offered a position at Ernst & Young, an international accounting firm. I worked as an auditor for five years looking over the financial records of companies in many industries. In 1998, I was offered a position at Medicode in Salt Lake City as the Corporate Controller. Medicode is in the health care information business, providing software and data tools used in the claims adjudication process. In the five years that have passed since, Medicode has become Ingenix and has grown to become a 500 million dollar entity. Currently, I am the VP - Finance and Chief Financial Officer for the Enterprise Solutions Group. Alisa and I have lived in West Bountiful since 1995 and enjoy the company of our little boy, Parker, who was born in 2000. I always have an eye out for news from the Canada Winnipeg mission and area and I will always remember with fondness the growth I attained from my experiences there."
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