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Dennis E. Bassett

(Apr 1976 - Apr 1978)


"I'm still in Boise where I grew up and have been married to my wife Lajuana for 25+ wonderful years.
We have 4 fantastic children.

I'm currently serving as Bishop here in the Ward we have lived in since we were married.

I've been employed for 26+ years by Capitol Refrigeration and Appliance Service here in Boise

I cherish my mission experiences in the Canada Winnipeg Mission and those companions that I shared them with. I will always appreciate the testimonies that they shared with me and those we shared the Gospel with. The Gospel is true and service in the Church provides some of life's most valued experiences.

Thanks also to Pres. and Sis. Lund for their inspired direction, love, and sacrifice for the missionaries of, and members & non-members living in the Canada Winnipeg Mission during their 3 years of service.

Sincerely, Dennis Bassett

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