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Derek Pine

(Jul 2000 - Aug 2002)


"I was born in 1981 in renton washington i lived in auburn washington from 1981 to 1983 where i spent my days peeing and pooping my pants and drooling on everything. i moved to bonney lake washington where i talked to my self and pretended that i had a tail and ocasionally peed my pants i stoped doing that after my dad kept saying to me derek you peed your pants again which induced emarrasment and forced me to stop. wait this isnt a life bio is it. im only supposed to be talking about my mission. My companions were elder green (twice) christensen, blaine, cassidy, fichialos, george, stokes, albretsen, tiaese, burgess, lakey, mcdonald, moulton, lyons, hampshire, sanchez, kraft. my areas were regina ysa 12 ave north winnipeg morrow, dryden ontario,saskatoon fairmont 2/ confederation, warroad minnesota, selkirk manitoba. i had a good time and i really have a confession to make my trainer elder christensen was really the one who potty trained me not my dad. it was a hard two years but sometimes i wish i could go back and do missionary work and not have to deal with crack dealin work school and girls they are all crazy. church is true "
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