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Elder and Sister Curtis

(Oct 1998 - Oct 2000)


"Sis. Curtis from Chicago, IL. Elder Curtis from SE Missouri. Liv in Dayton, TN on Dayton Mtn. Seven Children, 25 grandchildren. Teacher and Carpented and farmers. Lived and served on Carry The Kettle for 2 years. Helped with GEDs, tutoring, landscaping, headed Head Start Committee and started Head Start Program on CTK and wrote training program for the Head Start Teachers and assistants in Saskatchewan. Established many church programs including Sunday School and Youth programs. Taught parenting classes, sewing, canning, preserving, etc. Planned and installed playground for CTK Headstart. Did genealogy for the CTK band, and on and on. Carry The Kettle is about 70 Km east of Regina and 13 Km South of Sintaluta. Come and enjoy the Pow-wows and the friendly loving spirits of the First Nations people here in Canada.

Elder and Sister Curtis"

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