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Glen Lewis

(Aug 1975 - Aug 1977)


I just found this website while searching for my son's mission in Kiev Ukraine. My name is Glen Lewis. I was originally called to the SouthDakota Rapid City Mission in August 1975. I was serving in Winnipegwhen the Canada Winnipeg Mission was created in early 1976. Shortyafter I was transferred to Saskatoon. I served there as a DL and ZLuntil September 1976. I moved on to Regina and served there untilDecember 1996. I then served as AP to Pres. Lund through July 1977. Myfinal area was Thunder Bay Ont. where I served until August 1977.

The only story I can pass on is the dedication of the church house inNorth Battleford. I'm told that a few of the Polynesian elders prepareda feast for the reception after the dedication. Pres. and Sister Lundreportedly raved about the meal. The elders however never told themthat the main course was a stray dog from the neighborhood. The eldersclaimed they always did that back home on the islands.

I'm anxious to talk with anyone that I served with. Give me a call at909-592-5957.

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