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Gordon Clyde Cummings

(Apr 1975 - May 1977)


"I was called to the Canada Calgary Mission, and have been a home teacher since I returned.
I have always considered it my most important calling. I have served in several presidencies,
and served a number of times as Elder's quorum instructor. I enjoy working with the youth,
because it is far easier to repair the boy then it is to save the man. I was a Webelos Scout
leader for nearly seven years. (I am one of the few Scouters with the yellow Webelos Leader's
knot on my uniform!) I served as Scout Unit Commissioner for our ward, and on the district
Varsity Huddle Committee. I now teach the Gospel Doctrine Class every other week.
Of all of my callings, I enjoy teaching the most. Teaching is where you can help bring others
more fully to Christ and thus change lives!

My oldest is a daughter, Elizabeth, 20, and is a junior at BYU this year. She is
majoring in Family and Consumer sciences. She wants to be a Home Ec Teacher.
Benjamin is my second oldest and will turn 19 this Halloween. As of this writing (7 Oct 2001) He
is waiting for his mission call. He has been number one in his class for the last 6 years,
student body president. eagle scout (with 5 palms). I could go on and on but the attribute I am
most pleased with is that he is a kind, thoughtful and considerate young man. My youngest is
Moroni, 15. He is a sophomore this year at Northridge High. He is a great young man with the
most captivating warm smile and countenance. I am sure he will be swarmed this year with
the likes of many young ladies because along with his good looks he is also a nice, kind young
man. Moroni is also my home teaching companion.

I am an Electrical Engineer, (BSEE, UofU 1984) I have worked as a plant engineer at Hercules
Aerospace in Clearfield as an applications engineer for an automation products line for a local
electrical distributor. I now own a electrical engineering firm, Prism Automation Systems.
We specialize in Factory Automation, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) over
radio telemetry, Smart Homes, High Reliability Redundant Controls and Manufacturing machine


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