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Jake Hendy

(Dec 1998 - Nov 2000)


"Hey, I was truly blessed and had the wonderful oppurtunity to serve in this mission. I met some of the most amazing people in the world while serving in Canada. I had the priveledge of serving in Moose Jaw for 5 months, Kenora for 3 months, Winnipeg for 4 months, Flin Flon(the best town in the world) for 7.5 months, and Regina for 3.5 months. The Lord has truly prepared the hearts of his children in Canada, there are so many people ready for the gospel, I only pray that I could one day serve him there once again. I still wish I was there now. I'm currently attending Dixie St. College in St. George and playing football. I attended Snow college for a year then here a year. I've been home for 2 years now. Time flys. Not married yet. Been back to Flin Flon the past two summers, it's been great to visit, as I've also been to winnipeg, kenora and regina to visit as well. If anyone is living in St. George drop me a line."
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