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Jarrod Lambert

(Nov 1990 - Nov 1992)


1030 Johnson-Reeves Rd.
Summit MS 39666
E-mail: jalam1@hotmail.com

Hello my name is Jarrod Lambert. I served in the Winnipeg mission from 11/90 till 11/92. Some of the places I served were Saskatoon Kindersley Prince Albert (my personal favorite) Winnipeg Atikokan the Balcares reservation and Rainy River/Baudette. I started with President Keeler and ended with President Christensen. I really enjoyed my mission and all the cool things and people it brought into my life.

Now I work as a territory sales manager for a company called Anderson Entertainment. We supply Wal-Mart with all their children's books and trading cards. In my spare time when there is any I do some graphic design here locally and try to get in some of my hobbies which are motorcycling silhouette shooting hunting and camping.

Everyone thank Mark Coffey for putting this page together because if it weren't for his efforts we'd all be lost in cyberspace.

and send me letters and email! you know who you are!

Jarrod Lambert

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